Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Seek Good and See Goodness

I seek only Goodness for us all.
I give my life to creating the Good we desire.
I honor us all in our choice for bringing our best for Goodness sake.
I see us all as desiring and deserving Good for ourselves and others.

Seek and Find Goodness.

What we seek, we find.
What we look for, we choose.
Where we place our attention will grow.
Life is creating what we think, speak and care about.

Let us care about what we value.
Let us use well our thoughts, words and deeds.
Let us listen and understand what is good for us.
Let us speak no evil, hear no evil, and see no evil.

Life is too precious to allow it to be polluted with negativity.
We begin to see how our focus and attention manifest more of the say.
We are here to bring the best of ourselves with what we choose everyday.
We must name and claim the good, the whole and the beautiful.

Mind your mind and see what messages you give yourself.
What you will, may be to negate what is wrong, but offers energy to it.
We can release the negativity with our intention and attention to what is good.
We can choose to honor the Good right here and right now.

We need not scare our children in order to keep them safe.
We need only give them tools of awareness to see clearly.
We need honor their freedom to choose what is for the highest Good.
We together can encourage, support and believe in the healing of all.

Perhaps in these times of unrest, polarization and intention to do harm, we must begin to heal within.
Do no harm to yourself: Not with bad thoughts, bad deeds or bad relationships.
Do no harm by holding grievances against one another and what has been done before.
Do no harm in your everyday living and give honesty, kindness and forgiveness.

We each hold a piece (peace) of the healing and creation process.
We all have a part to play in the grand undoing of what is not whole.
We individually can step forward to make life better for everyone.
We together can remind us all with our choices to speak for Good.

Is it not time for us to seek and find the good in everyone?
Is it not time to stop our addictions and convictions in what is bad?
Is it not time for you and I to choose in our own time and place to contribute Goodness?
Is it not your time and mine to show up carrying thoughts, words and actions of peace?

There is no one separate from me.
I am to heal each harmful thought.
I am to speak of forgiveness and love.
I am to do those things which benefit Goodness in all.

And so are you!
We together must learn to live together, to abolish harm and be respectful, helpful and kind to others.
We can wake up and make the change we want to see, right now in our own family.
We can and we will, because there is no other way to live.

Loving you with trust in your intention and freedom to do your best.
Betty Lue