Thursday, June 01, 2017

Mistakes Have Value

I love learning from my mistakes.
I free myself to trust in what mistakes I make.
I easily release and let go of what doesn’t work.
I learn from absolutely everything.

Use Your Mistakes Well.

What are the benefits of mistakes?
What are the problems with your mistakes?

When upset or having a difficulty, always ask: What am I learning from this?
When there is anything not working, remember to ask: What can I learn?
When you are learning something, you will remember to ask yourself: How can I use this learning?
Life is teaching us with all our mistakes.

What are mistakes?
  Mistakes are looking at something and judging it “wrong”.
  Mistakes are something we judge doesn’t work.
  Mistakes are an opportunity to see it differently.
  Mistakes are being unable or unwilling to see the value.
  Mistakes are what others may teach and believe is not ‘right” or correct.
  Mistakes are what we evaluate as being not ok.
  Mistakes are seen only from the perspective of the judge.

What you do always has value.
You can see what not to do.
You can see what to change.
You can see what to do differently next time.

Start with: What can I learn from this.
Do I choose to use a mistake against myself or others?
Can I use a mistake to quit or inspire me to do it better?
Can I forgive my mistake, erase and choose again for what I want?

When we condemn ourselves or another for a mistake, it is likely to produce fear, guilt, shame.
When we condemn we often get stuck in the judgment and learn little.
When we judge what was, we often neglect to look at what to learn from what is now.
Our work is to allow a mistake to be merely a mistake from which we can learn.

Learning is best accomplished by allowing the process to be natural and accepting.
When we focus on mistakes, we often get tense, contracted and fearful.
In fear our perspective is limited and we may miss the new information.
It is essential that we are open and curious about learning anything.

Let go of using what is correct and incorrect to judge yourself or others.
Focus on the value of learning something new.
Focus on allowing yourself to try again.
Focus on giving yourself and others the space of freedom and trust from which to learn and grow.

Time to heal our judging mind.
Let go and trust again.

Loving us all,
Betty Lue

Read the “
Four Agreements.”
By Don Miguel Ruiz
  1. Make No Assumptions. 
  2. Keep Your Agreements. 
  3. Take Nothing Personally. 
  4. Always Give Your Best.