Sunday, June 11, 2017

Love All!

Love is the true power.
Love is the way to find my authentic Self.
Love heals and brings wholeness to everyone.
Love is the way I live in gratitude.

Loving Everyone!

Learn what love does.
Learn how to release pre judgment.
Learn to open to others.
Learn to Love no matter what.

When we stop loving, we stop really living.
When we withhold our love from others, we are withholding love from ourselves.
Loving is like breathing.
When we hold our breath, we are stopping our life force.

See what love really does. 
Loving is loving you.
Love gives love in equal measure to what is given.
Love opens the flow to receive increasing Love.

People seem to be afraid of love.
It seems folks fear being loved as well as loving others.
It feels like love creates a vulnerability, being open to others.
Being open is providing safety and acceptance.

Love is trusting.
Trusting in Love implies Love as being safe.
Yet some are afraid Love will hurt or fail.
And some fear losing themselves in their Loving.

When we trust in loving, we recognize how we create true safety.
When we feel safe, we do not attach or do harm.
Love bring peace and safety , happiness and gratitude to every mind.
Enjoy the feeling of inner peace when we trust in being a safe place.

Love is freeing.
When we feel safe, we experience a sense of freedom.
When we feel free, we are happy and at home with ourselves.
When we feel we are loved, we experience safety and peace of mind.

To Love everyone offers a field of peace and gratitude around you.
In loving others, you are giving you blessing of healing and safety.
In loving others, you are guiding others to a life of  Lasting Love.
In loving others, you are protecting yourself and securing your own Love.

When others are afraid, you give them safety in Love.
When others are distrustful, you offer them renewing Trust.
When others resist your love, you are allowing them whatever they need.
When others do not understand, you accept them and love them anyway.

Learn to let go and love everyone anyone.
Love is never a reward, but rather a right of simply being open to Love.
I am always Loving You.
Betty Lue