Thursday, April 27, 2017

What Controls or Guides You?

I listen within to the love and spirit that live within me.
I trust myself and free myself to choose with wisdom and courage.
I know myself and honor what is right for me.
I guide my own life and learn from the experiences.

Are You Controlled or Guided?

Are you listening to others or to yourself?
Are you controlled by addictions or attachments?
Are you trying to please or fix or get approval?
Who or what seems to make the decisions for you?

Do you get opinions and feedback from others?
Are you trusting someone else more than you?
Do you listen and get confused?
Do you feel pushed, and demanded by others?

Sometimes we need to learn to listen to our own voice.
Sometimes we get confused and conflicted by others.
Sometimes we become dependent on parents and partners.
Sometimes we don’t know how to trust ourselves.

What controls you?
What do you fear most?
What is the condition you must always consider?
Addictions and attachments often become the master of our choices.

Does money or fear of lack of security control you?
Do your addictions to smoking, drugs, tv shows or fears run your life?
Are you attached to what will happen or who will care if you make the “wrong” choice?
Do you feel controlled by limiting habits or past choices?

Are you free to make your own choices?
Do you inquire within to ascertain what is best for you?
Are you open and willing to seek what is truly right for you?
Are you guided by your purpose, principles and process?

People may offer suggestions, advice or guidance.
You may listen to others opinions.
You may admire others’ life choices.
Your question should always be: “What Works for You?”
So listen to what guides and provides for your life.

Turn your life over to what you trust.
Give your choices to what is good for you?
Notice what you allow to distract, delay and detour you.
Be aware of what inspires and sustains your consciousness and life energy.

You have the right and responsibility to choose what guides and provides for your life.
You can choose to listen within to what is in your own heart and mine.
What has heart and meaning for you?
Are you living true to your authentic self?

Find your own path of health, happiness, integrity and fulfillment.
Clarify your own value to see what are your honest priorities and guides.
Trusting your exploration to learn from your choices.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Why am I here?

What is my unique contribution?

What is my Primary Critical Success Factor? (The attribute/skill most contributing to success.)

What is my Primary Limiting Factor? (The attribute or skill that most holds me back.)

Values Clarification

____  Achievement
____  Beauty
____  Community
____  Control
____  Cooperation
____  Creativity
____  Education
____  Enjoyment
____  Environment
____  Excellence
____  Faith
____  Family
____  Fitness/Exercise
____  Freedom
____  Fulfillment
____  Happiness
____  Harmony
____  Health/Healing
____  Independence
____  Knowledge
____  Life Purpose
____  Loving
____  Marriage
____  Mastery
____  Money
____  Partnership
____  Pleasure
____  Recognition
____  Recreation
____  Security
____  Self-Image
____  Service
____  Spirituality
____  Travel
____  Truth/Honesty
____  Wealth

        = defining core values and not compromising on them.
Integrity    = how strongly and clearly you adhere to your values.
Zero-Based Thinking (evaluating the relative value of any object, activity, relationship):
“Knowing what I know now, would I begin / do / acquire this now?