Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Humility in Faith

I give my best and receive the joy that fills me up.
I learn from all I give and receive value.
I listen within to learn how to respond to needs.
I know we are here to be truly helpful to one another.

(See reader feedback below!)

How to Respond to the Needs You Serve!

With many needs on time, money and energy, take the time to breathe and be grateful.
When you want time for yourself, give yourself a short break in prayer or affirmation, a shower or nap.
When you need a pep talk of just someone to listen, find the right person and share your need.
What you receive will fill you up to be able to give again from your own fullness.

Whatever you give, given with joy and with gratitude, will not deplete you.
Giving is receiving what you are giving, when you are appreciative and not resentful.
Listen to what you share with others and learn what you believe and receive for yourself.
Make sure you are learning and practicing what you give and teach others.

Take time to prime your own wellspring.
Pay attention to the happiness you bring.
Enjoy the values you are sharing with others.
Be clear that the giving is for you to receive personally.

Always ask what is your intention.
When we try to fix and change, we are often judging with fear.
When we are listening to hear what is wanted, we shift to a kind and loving intention.
One way is pushy and often covertly demanding and the others is respectful and truly helpful.

Change your attitude and serve for the benefit of all concerned.
When tired, hungry and feeling needy, the help is often not truly helpful.
When filled with hope and thanksgiving, there is willingness to listen and learn.
Honor what you would want for yourself and always give the best you have.

Often we do not know what to do, so we must listen with humility.
Often we do not know where to give, so we must learn with faith.
Often we do not know how to be truly helpful, so in quict we must listen to our inner guidance.
The heart knows where to go to receive helpful answers, so we learn to listen within.

Life is teaching us through all we experience.
The learning to give is also telling us how to receive.
The less we know, the more we open to learn.
The more we give, the more we have space to receive.

May we all receive the gifts we are giving with gratitude.
Thank you for always giving your very best to all you encounter.
This is a great and healing gift.
Blessings of appreciation for you,
Betty Lue

Two readers emailed me about the last emailed Loving Reminder.
This may be helpful for you to find a way to handle feeling “too much”.

“If life gives you more than you can stand, KNEEL !"   Works for me. GF

Every Sunday, my husband and I enjoy time at home, working in our yard, enjoying the beauty in nature all around us, and just relaxing. We also went to a very fun live play yesterday afternoon!

Over the last couple of months, I have de-cluttered, released and gave away over a dozen large bags of women's clothing and shoes to those less fortunate. It felt so good! :)

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.
Betty Lue