Thursday, March 02, 2017

Spring Cleaning

Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
I am lighter, happier, healthier everyday.
Spring cleaning sets me free to fully be who I AM.
I enjoy the opportunity to release all that is not right for me.

Spring Cleaning

Are you ready for renewal?
Are you willing to let go?
Do you clean up your messes?
How can you release unneeded excess?

Too much thinking?
Too much waiting?
Too much junk?
Too much of anything?

Excess always weighs you down.
Excess spending is heavy.
Excess worry is unhealthy.
Excess consuming causes waste.

Lighten up your life.
Let go of negatives.
Undo false beliefs.
Release complaining.

When you are lighter in mind, you are more creative.
When you are lighter in body, you are healthier.
When you are lighter inn emotions, you are happier.
When you are light in Spirit, you are more present.

Life can be a puzzle, which challenges you.
Life can be a canvas on which you create.
Life can be an adventure in which you explore.
Life can be a university from which you learn.

Life can be an excuse to let you off the hook.
Life can be a burden you stress to overcome.
Life can be an emergency, which stresses you.
Life can be a dilemma, which you want to get out of.

Unpack your attic of unneeded history and paraphernalia.
Look at what you have right now and don’t need.
Move it out of your way and see what you see.
With a clean view, you will begin to recognize what is yours.

I know you can let go easily and quickly to be happy and free.
Begin today, one drawer at a time.
Keep only what inspires you and brings you joy.
That is always and only what is meant to belong to you.

Love yourself well with freedom, lightness and Joy.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

1   Clear the Clutter.
2   Turn up the Lights.
3   Surround your Self with What You Love.