Sunday, February 26, 2017

Trust in What?

I trust in the Good within all creation.
I trust in the Love that lives within you.
I trust in the Power of Hope, Faith and Love.
I trust in what fills me with courage, confidence and creativity.


There is a Power and a Presence that lives.
It lives in you.
It lives in us.
It lives in all.

In this we can trust.
When we trust in nothing, we cannot feel safe.
When we do not feel safe, we live in fear.
When we cannot trust ourselves, we live in doubt.

When we cannot trust, we live with defensiveness.
We hide inside and lose our courage and our voice.
We see and hear the distortion of fear and reaction.
We feel disappointment, despair and distrust.

We must begin at the beginning with ourselves.
We must value what we have and where we are.
We must go within to seek what we know.
We can find the courage within to find what we seek.

Yes, sometimes illness, poverty, betrayal and loneliness cause doubt.
Where do we find the truth? In what do we trust?
What is our saving grace?
It is important to remind ourselves of what we trust.

Create your own affirmations, writing, songs to remind you.
Find a place in which you can feel safe and good.
Seek out someone or some memory to restore you trust.
There is a place in you where there is light and love to remember.

What do you believe in?
“In God We Trust.”
Some choose Higher Power, the Universe, the Ancient Ones, Love Itself or many other names.
If you do not have a faith, a practice, a path in which to trust, now is the time to develop one.

To feel safe, we must know LOVE.
To trust, we must experience LOVE.
To sustain our Love, we must express Love.
To create safety, faith and peace within, we must be safe and peaceful and faithful.

Our work in this ever-changing world is to trust in the Power and Presence that lives within us.
Let it be so, for our world depends on us, individually and all together as One.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.
Betty Lue