Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Let Me Count the Ways…..

I am created by Love as Love to be loving.
And so you too are the Love you are created to be.
I trust and free the Love in us to always be true.
I reveal the Love I am to show us we are safe in Love.

Blessed Valentine’s Day
Count The Ways….

How do I love you?

Let me count the ways I love you.
You see, we cannot count, when we remember love.
Love is infinite.
The forms of love expression are unlimited.

Love is the breath I breathe in my loving.
All I hear are the infinite sounds of my heart.
I hear your voice and know you are speaking Love.
I feel your hand and know the healing touch of Love.

I receive the Love you receive.
I give the same Love you give.
I trust in the power of Love.
I am inspired by the grace of Love.

You are Love.
I know It.
I see It.
I share It with you.

When we realize there is no separation,
There will be no desperation or expectation.
For together we are bound in the ultimate Gift.
We remember we are One, the wholeness of Love.

What can we do to Love?
What do we do to remember?
How can we share what we have?
How can we dare to give All?

Love feels incomplete without this awareness.
Love is always known when we give what we have.
Love will forever be when we see Love is All There Is.
So healing is revealing what is already there and here and now.

Maybe our lives are our journey to the remembering.
Maybe we what we can do is follow the ways of our heart.
Maybe we can simply say YES to what we have.
Alas, all we dare is our willingness to give All to All.

Too much you say?
Too awesome to give?
Too free to live the ways of loving?
Why not trust and dare it All?

We are all here to give All to All for our Whole and Holy Purpose.
I Am.  You Are. We are together in this.
Betty Lue