Sunday, January 15, 2017

What Is Real!

I choose to see what is real.
I am open and willing to learn what is really there.
I seek only the highest truth and see with the eyes of Love.
Miracles occur when we see what is real.

Highly Recommending this new film, Hidden Figures!
Recommended by my 11 year old granddaughters.

See What Is Real!

What do you see?
We each see and hear what we want to see.
We think the thoughts we have been taught.
We hold the thoughts in our mind and perceive them.

What do you see?
I seek the truth, the Essence
I clear my mind with forgiveness of all pre-judging (prejudice.).
I choose to see what is real.

What do you see?
Are you willing to see?
Do you open your minds to what is there?
Are you caught in the beliefs of your tribe?

When we see with the vision of the world around us, we see what they see.
When we see with the eyes of the child, with wonder and curiosity, we see with openness.
When we see what we can use to get something, we seek how to use others.
When we see what we fear and criticize, we avoid and try to control.

What can you learn?
When you seek to learn, you must be open.
When you seek to learn, you must listen.
When you seek to learn, you must be willing.

This new movie, Hidden Figures, is from my era of open willingness without media.
I saw myself as a high school graduate and college student, with equal opportunity.
This was my world, my loving home, my parenting, my exposure to emancipation.
I was white and sheltered by innocence and seeing everyone as equal in value.

I realize now how I was not raised with prejudice or fear.
I see now how I saw a world clean of fear and doubt, hatred and criticism.
I saw humanity as a large family of love and respect, open-mindedness and kindness.
I recognize how I only saw the equality and beauty and unlimited abilities in all.

What a blessing to know!
What a beauty to see!
What a wonder to learn!
What a joy to be free!

Let’s clear our minds to see what is real!
Loving us all, every one as One!
Betty Lue