Monday, January 09, 2017

Two Questions to Ask

I freely ask for answers that matter to me
I listen to my inner guidance to know what I need to know.
I trust there is an intuition or quiet place of love to guide me.
I learn, change and let go to live on purpose.

Ask Two Questions!

Do you ask questions?
Do you know you do not know?
Are you ready to find answers?
Are you willing to do something for yourself?

When things don’t go your way, ask.
When you feel blind-sided or victimized, don't assume.
When you are confused and uncertain, pause and ask.
What can I do?      What am I learning?

When you do not know, ask to learn.
When you are lost, ask for directions.
When you are stuck in fear, ask for help.
When you are repeating the same mistakes, ask for guidance.

If you are upset for any reason, you are off purpose.
If you are blaming others, you are unaware of your part.
If you are caught in making others wrong, you have lost your way.
If you are playing victim, you may have stayed too long.

Your life is yours from which to learn.
Your life is yours to live, learn and grow.
Correction is yours to make when you learn which road to take.
Unhappiness is the sign post from which your can choose another direction.

Getting stuck in past errors, yours, mine and ours, does little good.
Asking when and when and how will teach you to stay in the question.
When we keep looking back, we often go nowhere.
We must forgive the past and choose again.

What can you do?
What can you do?
What can you do?
Let go!
What can you do?
Move forward!

Seek the Light.
Step toward what is right and true.
You will know what is the right way to go.
You will experience more clarity and joy.

Listen within….the way to begin.
Ask yourself and you will know!
Love Yourself and it will show.
Ask within and learn what to do.

Loving us all, me and you.
Betty Lue