Friday, January 13, 2017


I listen with Love and respect what is shared with me.
I forgive myself for fighting to get my way.
I no longer believe my way is the only way.
I am open-minded, accepting and allow differences.

Resistance Creates Resistance

What you resist, persists.
Opposition creates push back.
What you oppose will create backlash.
Find a better way to build alignment.

Learn to say “No” with respect.
Learn to openly listen to opposition.
Learn to seek to build cooperation and harmony.
Allow everyone the freedom to express by listening.

When we listen to others, we may be judgmental.
When we respond to others, we may have oppositional opinions.
When we listen and respond, we may be unwilling to really hear them.
When we are unwilling to be considerate, you have already built a negative outcome.

Understand before attempting to be understood.
When you want to find clarity and wisdom, first listen fully.
When you are seeking a better way for all, listen with an open mind.
When you are too negative to care about understanding, pause and let go.

What do you win when you build resentment?
What do you lose when you lose connection?
What do you win when the other loses respect?
What do you lose when you lose their love?

What comes first, obedience or respect?
What comes first, fear or love?
What comes first, being right or honoring both?
What comes first, winning or gaining understanding?

When you seek agreement, remember what matters most.
When you lose trust and love, but gain agreement, what do you have?
When you need to fight to be right, who loses?
Consider always the consequences of your resistance.

You can create positive outcomes when you are open and flexible.
You can experience the love, acceptance and cooperation you want with your own love and acceptance.
You can compromise your selfish need to win when you learn the overall outcome is better than yours.
You will understand that you have valuable lessons to learn by forgiving yourself for being stubborn.

Live in harmony by responding to all things with love.
Enjoy your relationships respecting different ideas and opinions.
Sincerely relinquish your need to win and there to negotiate for a win-win solution.
Build your lovability by learning love is all that really matters.

Trusting you to find a better way to respect, respond and cooperate with loving choices.
Betty Lue