Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Listen Within

I am guided from within to Love All.
I feel confident as I share the Good with others.
I love remembering and reminding us to Love one another.
I am inspired daily as I follow you inspired mind and open heart.

I am beginning my 19th year of writing and emailing Loving Reminders every day.
I began sending out my daily inner listening to be shared with all who ask in January 1999.
They are from the Source of all Good in each one of us, when we remember to listen.
Let us quiet our opinions, beliefs and needs and listen within to our inner guidance.

I am grateful to listen for you and for me, and ask you to listen daily for yourself.
Your path, your purpose, your guidance will be uniquely for you in all you say and do.
We each have our own way to learn lessons, offer help, receive healing and trust.
You and I are partners in the everlasting journey to the Remembrance of Love.

We can be patient and trusting and true, when we know the way is to remember together.
We can learn quickly and easily.
We can practice patiently and with trust.
We can be grateful we remember to live, learn, love and be happy.

Align yourself with the Good you know.
Be grateful for the Good within you.
Give freely to those who would receive.
Respect those who may not be willing.

There is time to experience what is Good for all.
There are ways to offer experiences of Real Love.
There are dreams to be revealed and lived.
There is hunger to be fed and beings to be nurtured.

Make time to listen within.
Where am I to go?
What am I to do?
With whom am I to speak?
What am I to do?

Are you aware you are here with a purpose?
Do you know how important you are to us all?
Have you given yourself the respect you deserve?
Will you honor yourself in every encounter and give only your best?

Your life will be magnified and you will have more joy and fulfillment.
How you think makes a difference giving courage and kindness.
The words you say inspire and remind you and those around you.
How you act and interact teaches others.

Give yourself the time and quiet space to listen with your heart and mind.
Be guided to bring forth the Good you are here to be and do.
Give gratitude for your willingness to give the best within you.
You are a blessing and blessing will be given to you.

I am always Loving you.
Betty Lue