Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lighten Up!

I am happy being who I am.
I enjoy what I have and know it is plenty.
I share what I have with others in need.
I lighten my mind and feel happy in side.

Lighten Up!

The more light, the more you see.
Turn to the sun where you want to be.
Take time daily to look at the light.
See the beauty and feel its De Light.

It is about time to change our mind.
You look for the dark and feel depressed.
You can share woes and always find less.
Or you can seek for the stars and lift your sights.

Now it the time for you to focus on what is Good.
Start within to see the Gifts in you.
Begin with a vision of what you long to be true.
Reward yourself for what you can do.

When you believe you can be happy. Affirm it with words.
When you want to have purpose, see the meaning in everything you do.
When you are willing to change what needs to be right, you will find the good in all.
When you conceive it and believe it, you are on the journey until you achieve it.

All is nothing until you can see everything in what is.
You can create, and live, erase and being again.
You can have no one or make everyone a friend.
Always let go to lighten your load.

Desires fuel attachments and attachments get heavy.
Be happy with what you have and see you have always have enough.
When we care for everything with impeccable ease, life is fun, safe and easy.
Our work is to let go of the heavy and dark, keep light in your mind and love in your heart.

How to Lighten Up:

Turn up the lights and see what is there.
Open the windows and breathe in clean air.
Throw out the clutter and keep what is true.
If you like it and LOVE it, it gives energy to you.

Having things can take energy and work.
Give away stuff that is heavy and draining.
Appreciate your life: stop worry and complaining.
Lighten your work and keep what inspires.

Do what you do with gratitude and joy.
Lighten you thoughts with release of all fear.
It is easier than you think, when you let go.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy.

Loving you,
Betty Lue