Sunday, January 22, 2017

Let Love In!

I let Love in and realize the Love within.
I receive all gifts of Love with gratitude and grace.
I give and receive Love fully and freely from everyone.
I forgive myself for ever resisting the Love that comes to me and thru me.

Let Love In!

Receive Love, you always win.
When we give, we do receive.
What we give, we will receive.
How we love, will return to us.

Givers have control over what and how they give.
Receivers are simply open and allow love in.
Some givers do not receiver their own gifts.
Some givers resist what and how much they receive.

When we are managing what and how we receive, we may ignore receiving Love.
When we are resisting and distrusting what is received, we ignore or dismiss the gifts.
When we distrust the givers intentions, we may not allow or deny receiving Love.
Consider seeing and receiving the Love within all giving.

We tend to project onto others our own intentions.
We tend to deny our own worth and willingness to receive.
We tend to question or deflect others Love for us.
When we diminish what is given, we are cheating ourselves and the other.

Learn to feel gratitude and encourage all giving.
Learn to enjoy all the Love that is given to encourage more giving.
Learn to celebrate the love of a child, and allow their love to be received.
Learn to receive complements with gratitude and grace.

If you see what is lacking, give it more consistently.
If you feel what is needed, share it more generously.
If you hear what is wanted, honor it with your love.
If you know what is valued, express it with all your heart.

We must learn to give and feel good in the giving.
We must allow what is given to us and enjoy the richness in the receiving.
We must care enough to receive Love to encourage everyone to give Love.
We must understand the balance of giving and receiving.

Giving is receiving.
All that we give is given to ourselves.
There is no lack when we understand what the meaning of giving Love really is.
Receiving Love is giving Love!

When we fully allow the balance of giving and receiving Love, there is no lack.
When we openly flow what is ours, we allows know and experience Love.
When we clear the blocks to Loves presence. We live in the state of Love.
We are Love expressing It Self in us.

Loving us all in our Loving. (both giving and receiving)
Betty Lue