Friday, January 20, 2017

Be Better

When you know what to do, just do it.
When you see what your want, go for it.
When you live true to yourself, enjoy it.
When you seek for love, begin by loving yourself.

Be Better

If you want better, be better.
If you want more, give more.
If you want appreciation, give appreciation.
What you want is yours to give.

We know our calling by what we feel lacking.
We know the way to go by what we follow.
We see what can be by what we look for.
We are leading ourselves when we pay attention.

Going backwards is no longer an option.
When we are not looking forward, we cannot move.
When we cannot see where to go, we go nowhere.
We can only take one step in the right direction.

Each one of us has  gifts, talents and resources to give.
When we hold back from what is ours to do, we limit our progress,
When we do not speak up with what we have to share, everyone is denied.
When we are afraid to give the best we have, we shortchange  everyone.

How can it be we are not moving easily along in life?
What have we been doing that we cannot see the best way?
Why have we been ignoring our own best way to be, do and give?
Focus on opening your own flow of helpfulness, creativity and service.

When things look down, look up.
When life seems dark, turn on your light.
When you are fearful, share your gratitude.
When everything seems lacking and limited, contribute your goodness with generosity.

All you contribute is your part to play.
Without your goodness, hope and gratitude, all of us are limited.
With your generosity, we are all inspired to give more.
With you faith, hope and love, we will all prosper in our willingness to be more.

When you feel lost, don’t quietly sit and worry.
Get up and ask for help.
When you feel forsaken, don’t complain and wallow.
Go help someone who needs your help.

When you seek help, it is time to be helpful.
When you seek friends, it is the call to be a friend.
When you long for love, share your love with others.
You know what you need to be and give and do…..Just Do It!

Trusting you to do what is yours to do NOW!
Betty Lue