Tuesday, January 03, 2017

About Time!

I use my time to do what is right and true for me.
I am always on time with the choices I make.
I focus on what is best to do and say right now.
I no longer wait to appreciate the good I have.

About Time!

Is it about time you were happy?
Is it about time you feel good?
Is it about time to open up?
Is it about time to clear the fear?

What is on your Wish List?
What are you waiting for?
Why not now?
Prepare and plan now.

Save money.
Save time.
Dare to do.
Why not now?

You can when you think you can.
You will do when you know you will.
You can have when you begin with now.
You will prove to yourself it is in you.

This is a year of mastery and completion.
This is your time to make your mark.
This is the moment you've been waiting for.
You can choose to begin it right now.

Say YES to yourself.
Wash away your doubts and fears.
Clear your vision and go for it.
Lift up your eyes and see what you can be.

There is no need to wait.
Be happy now.
Be peaceful now.
Be loving now.

These are the eternal gifts.
These are where all good lives.
Give the blessings of your Good today.
Live the truths you have been waiting for.

No need to wait.
Open the gate of your heart.
Allow transformation to change your mind.
Be kind to one and all through you.

Let us live fully and freely right now!
Trusting you to choose what is right and true for you!
Loving you,
Betty Lue