Sunday, December 25, 2016

What Do You Believe In?

I believe in Love.
I believe in the Love within you and me.
I believe Love sets us free to be.
I believe we can Trust in Love to create miracles.


Believe in what resonates with you.
Believe that Love will bring happiness.
Believe in the Goodness within You.
Appreciate what you believe.

Yes, I believe in Christ mass.
I believe in the Goodness in all children.
I believe in forgiveness of our mistakes, both unconscious and intentional.
I believe we are here to learn to live in love and practice loving.

The Teachers of Love and Peace are many from different places and times.
The opportunities to learn Peace are found in many teachings.
My original teachings are traditional Christian with an emphasis on practical Christianity
I love the hymns and pageants and gift giving and mostly giving to those in need.

Mostly I am called to Reunion, the return to Love through our own faith.
I honor what works for each individual and how they choose to believe.
I have embraced many religions that are based on forgiveness and Love.
I appreciate the value of choosing and following a spiritual path to live by.

I continue to believe in Santa, the symbol of giving to others.
While some see Santa as the way to “get” presents, I see him as teaching us how to give anonymously.
Give to those in need, those who have no one to love them or neglectful of real caring and giving.
I was shown how to love generously as a child with no need to “get” anything in return.

Gifts to me were simple and thoughtful and mostly something that could be valuable to share.
Real gifts given are the ones that have lasting meaning, like quality time and Presence.
I usually give to my grandchildren throughout the year rather than the pile under the tree.
I respect the opportunity to teach those around me to look outside for giving what matters.

Christmas and Chanukah represent the miracles of Love and Light as they give us life.
Whenever we come to believe that Love is real and Light restores faith, it is truly a gift.
When we forgive, we wash away the pain and lack by seeing what is restored and abundant,
When we reach out in faith and give what is needed to behappy and live, we have truly given.

Believe peace is possible and it shall be nurtured in you.
Believe that all children can be fed and educated and you will contribute to both.
Believe that life on earth can become healthy for all, and you will support better living.
Believe that you can make a difference and you will play you part, personally and effectively.

You are making a difference right now by asking yourself what you really believe.
Live what you believe and you will be inspired.
Give what you have to make another happy and you will be happier in the giving.
Enjoy the Goodness and Love you share, and expand the Good and Love in You.

Believe and what you believe will work for you.
Wishing us all Peace in our minds and Love in our hearts.
Betty Lue