Sunday, December 18, 2016


Peace begins in me.
I offer only peace to myself and my world.
I choose to be peaceful with my words and interaction.
I bring the Peace of Goodness to all..

Peace, Peace, Peace!

Chaos creates problems.
Conflict causes discord.
Confusion generates fear.
Concern begets worry.

Peace brings calm.
Peace opens the heart.
Peace offers hope.
Peace offers harmony.

It seems so obvious to choose for peace.
Yet so many are habituated to fight.
In families and nations for generations
People believe in conflict and confusion.

The illusion of strength is in the winner of war.
The delusion of what right is in sound of righteousness.
The error of power is in believing in defeating others.
 Humanity has erred in buying into might and fight.

In peace we find our calm center.
At peace we open our minds to wisdom.
With peace we find our inner strength.
From peace we gain inspiration, courage, wisdom and guidance.

Calm your emotional storms.
Listen to the voice of love.
Trust in the power of forgiveness.
Receive the assurance of Wholeness, Goodness and  Love.

Peace of mind is our choice to make.
Peace of word beings healing truth to all.
Peace of action demonstrates the power of Good.
Peace brings forth what benefits us all.

Learn to breathe slowly and deeply.
Listen to calming harmonious sounds.
Step into quiet visions of beauty.
Offer your own words of Peace, Peace Peace!

Use your thoughts to quiet your mind.
Use your words to remind yourself “All Is Well”,
Use your heartfelt emotions to Love Yourself well.
Use your inner light to bring Peace to your mind, body and Spirit.

You are the Light of Peace in your world.
Loving you with the Love that is True.
Betty Lue