Thursday, December 08, 2016

How Life Works

I imagine a good, happy and fulfilling life.
I forgive what is not good for me.
I choose what is good, happy and fulfilling.
I appreciate what is highest and best for me.

How Life Works.

Life is your teacher.
Life is a mirror.
Life is a way shower.
Life is the reward.

When you observe your life, you will see what you have chosen.
When you make a mistake, learn, forgive yourself and make a correction.
When you decide what you really want, just do it and learn.
When you don’t know what really want, ask your life what it needs.

Imagine that what you imagine is projected onto the screen of your life.
Imagine that you can change what you experience by changing your mind.
Imagine that the myriad of unconscious thoughts that go through your mind also show up.
Imagine that you can use forgiveness as an eraser filled with love so you clear what you don’t want.

* Clear your mind with forgiveness daily,
* Learn to make wise, helpful and healthy choices.
* Allow yourself to appreciate and grow what is good for you and all.
* Practice forgiveness, choice and gratitude daily. ( See the practice below.)

You are here to learn to create your experience.
Make a simple list of what you really want.
Be clear about the quality of your life.
Understand that you can be selective and erase when you make a mistake.
Allow yourself to not know what is best for you.

Life is your gift, your test, your teacher and your self expression and reward.
You are able to easily change what you believe and see and are willing to be.
You can have the experience of joy and peace and love using your thoughts and words.
You can clear the canvas of your life by changing your mind.

I trust you to choose what you want.
Forgive what you don’t want.
Appreciate what you have chosen.
And realize life is yours to choose.

Always loving you,
Betty Lue