Saturday, November 19, 2016

Everyone Deserves Respect

I value, respect and learn from all our differences.
I express my differences with full joy in being open and willing.
Through our acceptance and understanding we learn to truly love.
I forgive my fears, misunderstanding and pre-judgments.

Everyone Deserves Respect

Beyond all judgments, opinions and comparisons, we all deserve respect.
Within all judgments, opinions and comparison, we are all different and all similar.
How we approach one another depends on our judgments of our own differences.
When we are self loving, self forgiving and self accepting, we easily respect difference.

Our judgments come from not feeling safe, connected and respected.
Defensiveness and judgments of others come from our fear of differences.
When we are similar in our families, workplace and communities, we feel safety in familiarity.
When we feel safe and comfortable, we often feel in control and at peace.

We have a diverse world and nation.
Differences often create innocent curiosity and wanting to learn and understand.
When differences feel unsafe, there is a fearful aversion to anything out of what is usual and customary.
Being willing to see what is similar in all humanity is healing and of value to those who are afraid.

When we are unafraid, there is no bullying.
When we feel safe, there is openness.
When we are loving, we feel innocent curiosity.
When we are called to bring unity, we always respect and listen deeply to others.

This is a time on our planet to learn from everyone and everything.
This is our moment as individuals to reach out to others without prejudice.
There is a way we can clear our own fear and begin to nourish natural love.
Together we can open our hearts and minds to respect all differences.

Where there is openness, there is learning, connection and understanding.
Where there is understanding, there is willingness to care and share.
Where there is sharing, there is peace and harmony.
When there is peace, there is respect and safety for all.

Consider changing your mind and learn about differences.
Consider changing your heart and begin to respect all others.
Consider changing your family and allow each person to believe and live their own way.
Consider changing your world by respecting the rights of everyone to live in peace and safety.

We are here to learn.
We are here to love.
We are here to respect our differences and the differences of others.
We are here to live with peace and good will for all.

Love prevails.
I love and respect our differences.
Betty Lue