Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I am on Sabbatical and Thanks Giving vacation with grandchildren, plus their mom and dad.
I am clearing the field of unconsciousness and opening to the natural innocence of love and trust..
“I release and let go and let Spirit run my life”, trusting the guidance I know is my part to play.
Back to Pleasant Hill office on Sunday 11/27 for Peace and Healing Circle at 9:30 AM.
In Middletown office for a two day center transformation following inner guidance.
Seeing clients in Middletown office beginning  11/28.

Know you can always email me for phone appointment while I am out of town.

I am alive alert and enthusiastic.
My love awakens my inner vision.
I choose to see all things with a positive focus.
I know what I want and I go for it.

Universal Transformation

Awakening sees more clearly.
Affirming loves more dearly.
Accepting honors all more nearly.
Day by day.

Let’s see what we can do honestly.
Let’s move things along conscientiously.
Let’s do our part faithfully.
Let’s accept one another graciously.

You and I have the ability to see beneath the surface.
We can make the difference we want to see by living.
Listen within and follow your inner guidance.
Have the courage to share what is true for you.

All of us can heal what is in conflict inside and outside.
We can forgive, erase and delete our animosity.
We can show up and tell our highest truth without threat.
We can do what is ours to do with every family, friend and stranger.

The more we cannot relate, the more we separate.
The more we judge, the more we fear being judged.
The less we understand, the more we deceive ourselves.
We can speak our choices and honor others voices.

Yes, I have stepped away to refresh, renew and retreat myself.
I have taken the time to be still and remember to listen within.
I have given myself an opportunity to “innocentize” and play.
I have allowed my inner voice to be my choice more exquisitely.

What can you do to clean out the old?
How can you free yourself of what you thought you knew?
Are you able to connect to what you really value and prioritize?
When will you be willing to put your Authentic Self first?

Where are you in this changing world and new paradigm?
Are you willing to open to what is now and happening within you?
Do you trust that you can undo and seek what is true for you?
 You are here to clear the fear and begin anew with the Truth of You.

Trusting us all to do what is right and true for each one of us.
Betty Lue