Monday, October 03, 2016

Who Are You?

I Am what I Am.
I dare to be All That I AM.
I allow myself to be guided by Love within.
I give and receive Good for the sake of All Goodness.

Who Are You?

Do you know yourself?
Are you self aware and self reliant?
Do you like who you seem to Be?
How much do you pretend?

There are many ways we show up.
Assertive or Passive?
Weak or Strong?
Happy or Sad?
Helpful or Self Serving?
Right or Wrong?
Energetic or Lazy?
Educated or Ignorant?
Prosperous or Poor?

Do you notice you may not be so sure which is “true”?
Do you recognize how many ways of being You?
Are you able to discern what is actually and factually true?
We are ever changing beings even in our own perception.

What we see and hear may not be what we get.
How we are seen may not actually be so.
Our emotional, physical and intellectual lives may be varied.
And the same is true of everyone we encounter.

Our descriptions seem to define us.
Perhaps our diagnoses and prognoses are be inaccurate.
Maybe we have been described to our detriment.
Is it time for you to free yourself from how you have believed yourself to be?

There is no limit to who you are.
There are no restrictions to your freedom.
You can see yourself differently.
Believe you are unlimited in creative power and in peace.

We can choose again.
We can make time our friend.
We can start all over again in thoughts, feelings, beliefs and opinion.
Take a chance and try our totally changing your mind.

Notice how revealing it is to walk in another’s shoes.
Think in ways that are totally unlike you.
Give yourself moments of open-mindedness.
You will perceive everything differently.

Set yourself and others free to fully be who we are called to be.
Let go of limitation and Do as you feel guided to do.
Love and trust yourself to go where you are called to go.
Contribute your very best and enjoy the gifts you share.

Loving you as you truly are.
Betty Lue

Almost 40 years ago in 1976,  I offered to my junior college classes, “Positive Parenting” in the Family Life Education Program. 

 I highly recommend you being to know yourself and how you see yourself. 
Self discovery is the most effective way to heal your life.

“Know Your Self.”

“Heal Your learned self.” 

“Be True to your Real Self.”

For those of you who are open and willing, this will be a great start to year 2016! 
You and your whole life are worth the time and effort. 

Present Self Assessment
Describe yourself:

My strengths...

My weaknesses...

My likes...

My dislikes...

My values are (prioritize 10 in order of importance):

Most valued books:

Three (3) people I admire and 5 characteristics in each:

Health issues: (Now and history):

Level of prosperity:

Current job status:

Other jobs:

Qualities important to you in a good job position:

How do you spend an average 24 hour day?
 (Itemize minutes spent in usual activities, i.e. sleep, eating, phone,  driving, shopping, TV, etc.)

How would I spend an ideal day?

Who am I?
My public image - The way others see me.
My hidden/secret self - The part of me I don’t show
My ideal self - The way I wish to be

Ways I care for others...

Ways others care for me... 

Ways I care for myself...

What I want more of...

What secrets have I kept?

Who do I trust?
Why do I trust them?

What are 5 high points in my life?

What forms of relaxation (meditation, recreation) do I use? 
      How often?

Twenty (20) wants...
Twenty (20) not wants...

What I want to change in myself...

What I want to improve in myself...

Who do I never want to talk to again...

What kinds of people do you avoid...

What are your favorite topics of conversation...

Past regret - ten (10) places where I still feel hurt or guilt...

What do I believe is bad about me...

What do I believe is good about me...

What do I hate...

What do I fear...

My most negative thought on relationships is...

The little child in me wants...

The adult in me wants...