Friday, September 09, 2016

Peace, Peace, Peace

I choose Peace instead of this.
I invite the Peace within me now.
I live in Peace as a Peace Bringer.
Peace is my mantra and my gift to myself and my world.

Problem, Panic or Pain?

It does no good to panic.
Problems need solutions.
Panic calls for peace.
Pain invites comfort.

Peace is needed to solve problems.
Peace clears fear.
Peace allows healing.
Peace is a gift we can give ourselves.

What we need when we are afraid is peace.
When we have ways to return to peace, we have a way to help ourselves.
When we give ourselves an avenue to peace, we can begin the journey.
When we know how to soothe our minds and bodies, we can find peace.

Before the emergency, we can prepare for peace.
Before the panic, we can learn how to calm the fear.
Before the problems, we can practice peace.
For each one of us, there will be individual tools.

Observe you life and see what works for you.
· Reading reminders and stories of faith may bring comfort.
· Listening to beautiful music to quiet the mind.
· Singing or chanting what restores your inner peace.
· Breathing deeply and slowly focused on breath.
· Meditating in whatever way works to bring a quiet and focused mind.
· Lightly holding your forehead with calming breath.
· Calling a friend or helper to talk with you.
· Walking and appreciating the beauty in nature.
· Doing something healing you know works for you.
· Distracting yourself by staying busy.
· Helping someone else who needs your love.
· Affirmative prayer for yourself and others.
· Using positive thinking to see yourself healed and happy.
· Chanting over and over “Peace. Peace. Peace.”

We are here to be truly helpful.
We are here to remember the Love within us.
We are here to trust all things will work together for our Good.
We are here to remember our Source and Re Source within us.

Let this be a day to practice restoring peace within ourselves.
Let this be a time of returning to the peace we long for.
Let this be a path of learning to live and share with others.
Let this be our gift to others and those around us.  Peace.  Peace.  Peace.

Peace to us all,
Betty Lue