Tuesday, August 02, 2016

What Brings You Joy?

I choose to live with joy in my heart, peace in my words and love in my thinking.
I love to love.
All I know is to be fully the free from fear and open totally to Love.
I love my life and my life loves me.

What Is Your Joy?
What Is Your Inner Guidance System?
What is Your Life All About?

I ask these questions because they are mine as well!
Every one I give the best I know.
Every teaching is a sharing of what I am learning and remembering.
Every creation is sharing the beauty, goodness and wholeness within.

This is my birth month, often a time of reflection and reconnection with one’s life journey.
I find myself reviewing what has been true for me and those I encounter in relationship.
I notice that each day I awaken to enjoy and listen for how I can best serve.
I find myself in daily appreciation for what is given and received, what is taught and learned.

Life is a blank canvas on which we are painting and creating our own love story.
Sometimes we find ourselves stuck or judging. correcting or healing, rather than creating anew.
When it is time to begin again, we must forgive, erase and delete rather than repeat what has been.
I take time to undo what is no longer true, to correct mistakes and choose again for what is true.

So what do you do with your life?
How do you see it?  With gratitude, judgment or confusion?
Is it time to begin anew, remembering what is deeply and profoundly true for you?
Are you ready to open a new page or a new canvas and begin again with wholehearted enthusiasm?

I seek Love, not because I don’t have Abundant Love.
I seek Love, because I know I will find what I seek.
I seek Peace, because I understand that Peace comes to me with my choice.
I seek Joy, because Joy is my guiding Light to walk the path of Peace and Joy.

At 6AM I arise to share these Loving Reminders with you, being guided by the Love within me.
I am inspired, reminded and moved to action and interaction by what I share daily for the last18 years.
I began inner listening in 1976 with writing each morning and following the Spirit of Love within.
For the first 22 years it was given to me personally to live and do, to express and experience.

In 1998 I returned to California after serving in North Carolina, Indiana, Montana and Michigan,
to be with my first Grandchild Gia, now almost 18 years old.
I asked for inner guidance how I could best serve.
I was guided to email my Loving Reminders to inspire and encourage, heal and support all and myself.
This is the way I choose to begin everyday with my connection with myself, with you and with Source.

What is your life for you?
How do you enjoy your life?
What can you do to be truly helpful?
How can you more fully and freely share the gifts of wisdom and love you have been given?
Are you called to help your neighbors and community?
Are you called to connect more fully with your family?
Are there dreams you need to fulfill?
Is there a call to do something real, to actualize and live?Are you aware of needs to be healed, completed, forgiven and let go?
Are you ready to fully live what you know?
Are you willing to be truly joy-filled with living true to your Self?

I am you and you are me.
We are in truth real family.
I am grateful this is so.
We will always be,
One Love in reality.
Betty Lue