Monday, August 08, 2016

What About Your Life?

I am open and willing to forgive, delete and choose again.
I undo and make all things new again for the Greater Good.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
The only mistake I ever make is when I forget to Love.

What About You and Your Life?

Are you willing to have the life you want?
Are you open to imagine what that life could be?
Are you trusting that  you can let go of what does not support you?
Are you ready to be fully responsible for the life you have?

So much time is spent blaming parents, government, employer, family and yourself !
What a grand waste of time and energy.
You are totally responsible for the life you have.
If you really wanted something different you could and would choose it.

So what prevents you from having the life you really want?
Are you afraid to let go of habits, addictions, laziness?
Are you ready to change your attitudes, communication, and behavior?
Are you up for doing what it takes to have what you say you want?

It is easy to be a fault finder.
It is challenging to be a love finder.
It is essential to be what you really want to be.
It is helpful to see what you really want to see.

Change your mind and change your life.
Stop the unnecessary negativity and asking “Why?”
You have what  you have because somewhere you set it up this way.
Of course, you did not know how you did it and how to undo it.

The first step is to take full responsibility for what you have and what you do and who you are.
Not with guilt or blame or shame, but simply own the power you have in creating your life.
Everything we experience we have asked for and then received what we asked for.
The asking may be totally unconscious, a passing thought or dream or fear or scheme.

Our work is to begin thinking and feeling what we want to think and how we want to feel.
The reality is that life shows up so we can see how we have created it to be.
Like a movie projected on our outer screen, we have written, directed and produced the script.
And we can change the script, location and characters at any time.

With judgment and condemnation, we hold the movie in the can and keep replaying it again.
Almost like the addiction we have to what is familiar and comfortable, because we know the end.
It may be time for you to write a new script, in a new location, with new characters and new outcome.
You can choose and the process requires truly forgiving, deleting, undoing and release of what was.

Some choose the more dramatic ending of leaving their body.
Some choose divorce, disaster, and other dramatic stories.
I prefer to be gentle with myself and others and simply change my thoughts, words and behavior.
It is fascinating to be mindful in the transformations of what I want to think, say, see and be.

Begin today with the very way you wake up and what you do and say and imagine your day will be.
Loving you,
Betty Lue