Sunday, July 10, 2016

Stop the Fear!

I take responsibility for healing my own judgments and mistperceptions.
I choose peace instead of this.
I release my need to find fault, blame or be afraid.
I remember to choose love and release fear.

Healing Begins Within

Let go of Fear and return to Love.
Forgive the guilt and stop the hate.
Undo the false and remember the Truth.
Release the judgments and recognize Humanity.

We are all family from the same Source.
We come from Love and return to Love.
When we judge, we cannot heal.
When we hate, we cannot relate.

The more we resist, the more we attract.
It is time to understand the facts of energy attraction.
We have been taught to look back to defend.
We have been warned to avoid what is unwanted.

When we set up an energy of avoidance or protection, we actually are getting stuck.
When we flow with where we want to be and know and go, we are moving ahead.
In our unwillingness to forgive, love, let go and flow, we limit ourselves and create more fear.
To clear the fear, we must simply open the flow with love, trust, response and openness.

Learn to use your focused attention.
Focus on where you are going and what you want.
Focus on the ease, safety and joy and freedom of flow.
Focus on the feeling of freedom to love and trust.

Allow the memories of all good and only good.
Affirm the joy you have in sharing your gratitude.
Imagine how free you are when you reach our with love.
Appreciate the gift of choosing to fully bring forth the Good in you

When each day is a celebration of life, you find lasting happiness.
When each relationship is a gift of blessing one another, you find peace.
When each moment is an awakening to the sun rising, you remember why you came.
When each word you speak is an affirmation, you create the world you want to see.

You can choose today to be the first day of a new realization.
Let us each take this life as an opportunity to feel and heal the Love.
Let us remember we are here for a conscious healing and creative purpose.
We are the choosers, the healers and the creators of All we want to see and be.

Let it be so.
Loving our open-mindedness and willingness.
Betty Lue

Healing Our Projections => Seeing Only Wholeness

1.  We perceive what we believe.
2.  We believe what we think we are.
3.   If I believe I am my past, then I believe you are your past.
4.   Believing in my past is to see and live it over again in all I see and do and am.
5.   Believing in your past is to remember it and continue to blame you for it.
6.  The more I feel guilty about my past, the more I place blame on you.
7.  All anger is my guilt projected onto others.
8.  To forgive my past is to release it.
9.  To release is to see it no more.
10.As I release my past, I release others from my projected guilt and self-judgment.
11. As I see myself whole, I see wholeness in others.
12 .As I heal my guilt about past mistakes, I heal my fear of the future.
13. To be in the present is to heal (erase) the past.
14. As I live in the present and love myself as I am now, I like you in the present and see you as you are now.
15. In this present moment, there is only Love for ourselves, each other and all that is.