Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Inspiration Anyone?

I believe we can live our ideals.
I trust we can show the Highest Way.
I know you and I make all the difference in the world.
I am willing to always offer the best I know to others.

Note: Below is the inspiring card Grandpa Robert sent to our 11 yr old Lila at Leadership Camp this week in Massachusetts.
You would benefit from taking it all personally to own the One Who Inspires and Leads You from within!!

Who Inspires You?

Who do you inspire?
Are you a source of inspiration for others?
Do you feel inspiring and admirable?
Are you living your life in a meaningful and purposeful way?

We are teaching everyone with the way we live, think and speak.
We teach with our thoughts, words and deeds no only with those we know but with all.
Every interaction creates a multitude of interactions and ripples far beyond what we see.
We are touching history both past and future with our lives and myriad creations.

Why would anyone want to create more conflict, violence and war?
Why would we consider being arrogant, disrespectful and greedy?
Why do we write, film, talk about and focus on what is not what we want?
Why do we promote, exemplify and gossip about what is fearful and harmful to others?

Yes, we need to learn, but do we learn from our focus on what is wrong.
Many people I encounter, both young and old, know a great deal about what they don’t want.
However these same folks know almost nothing about what they do want.
When we have only negative or limiting experiences, we cannot even imagine what is possible.

It is our time to tell tales of our imagined future and dream of better than we know now.
It is inspiring to drop stories of the end times and express visions of beginning times.
This is the new era, the age of transformation and remembering what is good for all.
We are the ones here to remember and envision an even better life that ever before.

Our young people often quit before they even start.
They have been conditioned by the media, religion, parents and what they hear to believe in disaster.
Doom and gloom seem to teach some people. “What’s the Use?”
When we publicize politics, war, disaster, ecological and human suffering, who is hopeful?

Perhaps we need to rethink about what we tell, teach and show our children.
We might want to clear up our own negative teaching and reach out for hopeful possibilities.
Our kids and youth are suffering with anxiety and depression, even suicidal thoughts.
We are responsible to inspire them not just with words, but with our actions.

We are in a time when all our choices are defining what we believe in and what we choose for.
We must choose to believe in a better future.
We can choose to inspire a good life for our kids and future generations.
We can show them how by how we live and love and give to them.

Let us choose to promote success not failure.
Let us demonstrate abundance not poverty.
Let us offer generosity not greediness.
Let us contribute our best not what is left.

We can turn this around and create a better world for everyone.
I believe in us and our calling for the greater Good.
Betty Lue

Are you my leader?

No. I’m a good role model,
but I still have a country to run.

“The future belongs to young people with an education
and the imagination to create.”

Are you my leader?

No. But my dream lives on thanks to people like you.

Are you my leader?

No. But I’m a good example of compassion
and the power of love.

Are you my leader?

No. But you can learn from my commitment to non-violence.

Are you my leader?

No. But remember, happiness can be achieved by
training the mind.

Are you my leader?

YOU are the leader of tomorrow.
You, and the girls you are now with, will shape our world
and make it a better place.

You are our granddaughter and the future of our world.

Let your imagination bring peace, laughter  and prosperity.