Sunday, June 12, 2016

Give Your Best!

This is my amazing 17 yr old Granddaughter Gia.

We love spending time together.
She just graduated from high school June 3.
I love being with her and watching her light up with delight.
Yesterday we spent the afternoon having a skincare and makeup consultation.  (She Loves makeup!)
And after an eye exam and new prescription for contact and glasses. (She was driving without!)
We need to pay attention and care for all our children.  They need us to care!

Always Give Your Best

When your needs are met, you know.
When you do not hesitate, you know when.
When you do not withhold, you know how.
When your heart is open, you know exactly what to give.

We are a family.
All of us are in this life together.
Whoever you have in your life is yours.
Smile on them all and give your best.

Life offers us challenges.
People seem to be difficult.
Times may feel limited.
Everyone needs our best all the time.

We may have resistance.
We may fear the consequences.
We may feel separate.
Open up and give your best.

Wherever we are, we can give love.
Whatever we are doing, we can give love.
Whenever we take a moment, we can extend peace.
This is our time to shine and share, to give our very best.

Let us trust one another and give what we have.
To give our best, we always have more to give.
To live our best, we always have more to grow.
This is our time to rise and give……..

We are needed.
Love more.
Do more.
Give more.

Loving us as we step up and give our very best.
Betty Lue

Don’t wait for applause or appreciation or invitation.
Give all you have.
Remember to Love.
They are all our family.