Thursday, May 12, 2016

Love Without Attachment

I let go with love and set myself free.
I allow others to be and do as they please.
I trust that we all are learning from our own life choices.
I mind my own business and choose what is best for me.

Love Without Attachment

Love is letting go.
Love is setting free.
Love is allowing what is to actually be.
Love is releasing our neediness, demands and restrictions.

Learned ways of loving come from what most parents practice and children learn.
When we get feel pressured to “Do it my way”, we are attached to how things should be.
When we think love is ownership and possession, we believe we owe the beloved our allegiance.
When we try to get people to give love the way we want love to be, we will be confused.

Love is the natural low of energy that allows things to be as they are.
I have often said, “I only want people to do and be what they want to be and do.”
When folks are trying to live up to others’ expectations, they often don’t succeed.
It may make people angry or sad trying to gain other’s approval by being what is wanted.

Consider that Unconditional Love is letting go of neediness and attachment.
Consider when we want to be together we are loving and when we want not to be we are loving.
Love can be the action of detachment..
Love can be what gives space and allows others to simple be.

Yes, of course there are rules of loving taught by family systems and our religious beliefs.
There are rules of conduct to maintain honesty and respect, responsibility and cooperation.
When one follows the rules, we often feel open, honest, confident, and trusting.
Consider creating rules that you prefer and inviting those you love to share their own.

Do you love with or without conditions?
Do you expect people to be and do as you wish?
Do you trust people are always doing what they really want?
Do you want the same for yourself?

Treat others as you want to be treated.
Love others as you want to be loved.
Respect others choices and changes as you respect your own.
Agree to what is highest and best for both parties.

When we are choosing what is highest and best for both, everyone is at peace.
When we are asking others to choose what we want, we may be causing resentment
When we are demanding that others follow our rules, we may set them up to lie or cheat.
When we invite others to express their own preferences, we are creating an environment of mutual respect.

I love you and trust you to do what is right and true for you.
I want you to create your life to work for you without causing limitation to either us.
 I want you to be and do as you choose to follow your own path and live your own purpose.
I  free you to fully actualize your life learning and free myself as well.

Do the Process  Getting Free by Setting Free.( below)
Read Love is Letting Go of Fear by Jerry Jampolsky.
Learn the joy of Loving No Matter What. (below)
I am loving you,
Betty Lue

Getting Free 
(By Setting Others Free)
It is not unusual for us human beings to secretly wish and hope that the people we’re close to don’t become too magnificent. We don’t really want these significant others to be too free or too powerful or too creative or too successful or to dream too wild a dream. We actually prefer that they stay small, “manageable”, non-threatening, tame. After all, we don’t want to be made to feel uncomfortable or inadequate or diminished or challenged by the boldness and joyfulness with which someone else lives his or her life.

But, until we are willing and actively desire that the key people in our lives be totally free and powerful, we cannot be free and powerful ourselves. So, here is an affirmation-prayer that may help us begin freeing others, so that we can begin to free ourselves.

I, _____(your name)_____ want you, _____(his or her name)_____, to be the highest, clearest, most powerful expression of God that you can be. I would not limit you in any way, knowing that only as I encourage you to expand, explore and grow, can I myself be free. So I fully support you in being and expressing all that you are.

I want you to go where you feel called to go, to speak and act as you feel guided, and to express yourself in whatever ways seem right. There is nothing I do not want you to do, for I know that all movement is contained within God and always leads us to Him.

I am at peace with whatever decisions and choices you make, no matter how they may seem to affect me. Since I know that God loves and supports me perfectly, I know that however you choose to be with me must be a manifestation of that divine love and support. Because I trust God, I trust you. And because I trust you, I trust myself.

So, be free, be powerful, be unlimited. And know that I, _________, want you, _________, to be the highest, clearest, most powerful expression of God that you can be. I fully support you in being all that you are.


Love……No Matter What 

Our personality EGO gives love to “get” love.
Our Essential Spirit gives Love for the sake of Loving.
Love is our natural state.
Love is the way we live with forgiveness and faith.
When we are self-forgiving, the love within us is apparent. 
When we love ourselves, the wellspring of love is overflowing.
When we allow ourselves to be the Love we are, we naturally extend Loving kindness to all.
When we are innocent and unconditional in our loving, we seek nothing in return.
Love flows when we are not blocked or withholding.

Love goes wherever there is a lack of love. Love seeks to express itself with our thoughts, words and deeds.
Where there is lack of self-love, there may be grief and depression, guilt and fear, regret and shame.
Where there is lack of forgiveness, there may be anger and resentment, blame and demands.
 When there is lack there may be neediness, dependency and attachment to getting Love and approval.
 We may need to heal hurtful thoughts, words and deeds as well as past history.
True forgiveness heals.Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love.
 Forgiveness seeks to clear the past and present misperceptions.
Forgiveness opens the way to see all things differently with new perspectives.
As we heal from within, our reservoir of love is filled.As we heal our minds, we see the love and call for love everywhere.
As we heal our emotions, we feel the abundant joy of love within us.
As we heal our bodies, we are filled with the power and peace of Love in all we are and do.
There is no lack when we allow love to flow without blocks or withholds.
There is only abundant good that comes from sharing our Love with others.
There is no forcing or insistence, no need or expectation.
We flow Love naturally.
Love is our natural state, given with the innocence of a child, filled with joy and delight.
Betty Lue