Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Honor Mother Energy!

I choose to honor and nurture the “mother” within me.
I value the healing, comforting and service of humanity.
I forgive the forgetting and neglecting of those who love and serve.
I am willing to nurture and nourish myself and others with the best I know.

Honoring Mother Energy

Mother Energy originates from the creation story.
It is powerful and resourceful, nurturing and nourishing.
It is the source of all life coming from within us.
It is like the moon, ever-changing, dark, reflective.

Imagine what you see as coming from the Mother within you.
Look for what your ideal mother energy may be.
See what feels like the one who watches over everyone.
Be open and willing to see and be with it all.

Have we forsaken the feminine, the quiet and receptive?
Are we over focused on protecting and providing?
Is there anyone home to take care of the family to be with one another?
Do we take time to heal and help, feed and listen, care for one another?

Do you know how to nurture yourself and others?
Do you make time to nourish yourself and y our family?
Are you willing to be present with a kind voice and quiet listening?
Do you know how to offer your joyful appreciation to those who protect and provide?

Let us stop and find the mother energy within ourselves.
Ask yourself to identify what is an ideal mother.
Make an inventory of where you are needing your own loving reminders.
Create a prescription for mothering yourself daily.

We all have our own ideal picture of “mother”.
Perhaps you can identify what you value with a grandmother or an elder woman.
Seek out who enjoys feeding their family, spending quiet time loving and listening.
Notice what you can do to nurture those ‘mothering’ in your life. ( male or female)

Mother Energy is usually quiet in its constant service to others.
Mother Energy gives without asking for itself .
Mother Energy may have volcanic eruptions if displeased with disrespect and irresponsibility.
Mother energy provides shelter, healing and comfort for those needing to find a better way.

Observe Mother Earth and see how she gives consistently.
Mother Earth energy provides by giving us a foundation for our sustenance and shelter.
She offers beauty and grace, forgiveness and sacred space to reconnect with ourselves.
Whether a flower to see, a cup of tea or a quiet space place to be, she gives consistently.

Appreciate what is good and healthy and beautiful within you.
Receive what is good and whole and beautiful around you.
Connect with the natural earth and her peoples.
Share all that is good and whole and beautiful with others.

Come home to your True Self and remember to honor the Mother Within.
Loving all mothera, as we learn to balance the masculine and feminine energies in us.
You are the One Who Remembers.
Honoring You, the One who nurtures and nourishes.
Betty Lue