Sunday, May 01, 2016

Good with Money?

I value everything I receive and share with generosity and joy.
I respect and value money and treat it with conscientiousness.
I am good with money and money is good with me.
I circulate money  and time energy expanding and sharing the flow of Good for all.

Are You Good with Money?

Have you learned how to receive money?
Do you know how to save money?
Are you willing to use money wisely?
Are you happy with the money you have and how you use it?

Money is a tool and teaching/learning device.
Money is a means of exchange for goods and service.
Money is a symbolic way of measuring value.
What we have is a gift when received with gratitude.

Money increases in value when used with appreciation.
Money offers us the opportunity to waste, conserve or invest.
When we waste money, we feel depleted.
When we conserve money, we feel confident.
When we invest money in what benefits, we feel blessed.

The question we ask consciously is “Have I been a good steward?”
“Am I using what I have in a beneficial way?”
“Do I respect the value of money in my life at this time?”
“Do I use the money I have been given in a ways that empowers and pleases me?”

When we see money as a reward, we may misuse it.
When we spend money for fun, we may confuse its value.
When we keep money as a defense, we may  not enjoy it.
When we invest money in what benefits, we may feel blessed with it.

Some learn to earn, save, spend and share in our youth.
We develop conscientious ways to increase the Good money offers us.
We use the energy of money with respect and conscience.
We receive and share money with gratitude, generosity and joy.

Some have never learned to earn money without sacrifice.
Some have not been shown how to save or use money with wisdom and foresight.
Some become accustomed to spend on unhealthy habits and foolish rewards.
Some waste, mismanage and become overwhelmed with debt.

Look at what you value.
Give and utilize money in alignment with what is most important to you.
Spend time and energy and money on what inspires, fulfills and empowers you .
What offers you the life you want is what makes sense and will be supported.

Learn to live and learn from all experiences to expand your money consciousness.
Blessings of generosity and prosperity.
Betty Lue

There is no lack.
There is always plenty.
There is always enough for everyone.
Forgive the fear and everyone has enough.

When you believe it, you will see it!
Love is freedom to share and trust in Abundance.
Betty Lue