Monday, April 04, 2016

Why Reminders?

Affirmations: For you to work with , if they would be valuable for you.
(I added affirmations last year for those of you who called for some more conscious ways of thinking, talking and living)_
I think Peace
I talk with Love.
I live with Joy.

If You Ever Wonder Why I Write These Loving Reminders?

6200 Loving Reminders written and emailed since January 1999.
Six ‘Reminders’ books written.  Five published on Amazon.

No I don’t rewrite or edit.
I sit at my computer and write what comes through me.

No I don’t write them just for you.
I write them for me and for you.

 No, I don’t want to sell anything.
Yes, I do this to remind us all to Love.

No, I don’t think the reminders are for everyone.
But if they are just for you, that is all that matters.

No, I don’t think this philosophy fits for all.
But I know we need to stop the drama and ask ourselves if our way is the best way.

I love to Love!
I know Love works for me.
I believe Love will work for you.
I trust you will know when you experiment.
I experience Love makes me happy and healthy.
I experiment with life and learn more everyday.
I remind you the Love is not an emotion: Love is an Energy to be shared.

What About Your Reminders?
Are you willing to write your own?

How Do you Remember what Matters to You?
Do you make a list?
Do you write in a journal?
Do you do affirmations daily?
Do you read scripture or inspirational book?
Do you sing or chant or pray daily?
Do you pay attention to your own values?
Do you choose to live, love and be happy?
I am always happy to hear from you.
Remember, “Wherever two or more are joined, all things are possible.”
Let us say, “YES” to one another to co-create all loving possibilities.

We are in this world together.
All on the same team forever.
Let every word and deed be a loving creation.
All working toward a more peaceful outcome.

I love you and thank you for joining with me.
Betty Lue