Sunday, April 24, 2016

Say “Thank You”

Being grateful brings inner peace and joy.
I  expand my joy with appreciation.
Life works better and better when I focus on the good.
Life is better and better everyday in every way.

“Thank You” Is a Blessing!

Just say  “Thank You”
If you like what you have, say “Thank You”
If you like who you are, say “Thank You”
If you like what you do, say “Thank You.

Stop taking things for granted.
Stop withholding your gratitude.
Stop forgetting the value.
Stop denying your appreciation.

Thank You is a habit we all need to develop.
Thank You is a blessing we each need to give.
Thank You is a gift that deserves to be given.
Thank You is the way we freely receive all the Goodness.

We have many negative phrases we mutter to ourselves.
We hear plenty folks expressing their complaints.
Parents and teachers, employers and employees rarely remember.
Children are learning and confirming they copy the adults.

If we want the world to turn around from negative to positive, appreciate the good.
If we want more caring and sharing, we need to express gratitude
If we want life to get better and better, we must give thanks.
When we give energy to the good, we have more good in our lives.

Life shows up with our focused appreciation.
We want to do more, give more, enjoy more when we are valued.
We feel better when we are appreciated.
All creation is blessed and enhanced with our praise.

Yes, a smile changes our attitude.
A thank you shared for each “little thing” is worth more than a pot of gold.
Give thank you to store clerks, the phone caller, the helping professional.
Give thank you to your spouse and kids, your home and your job.
Say thank you for receiving money and for the bills you pay.

Learn to be grateful, openly and obviously.
Watch your attitude turn around with your gratitude.
See how others learn to say: “Thank You” too.
Watch the complaints disappear as you seek and find the Good in life.

Thank You for being in my world.
Betty Lue