Saturday, March 12, 2016

Your Reason for Living

I discover my authentic Self daily.
I am true to myself in everyway.
I love, serve and remember only good.
I relinquish what holds no value for me.

What Do You Live For?

Do you live to be peaceful and comfortable?
Do you live to learn something daily?
Do you live to awaken to the Highest Truth?
Do you live to love and serve?

Do you live to make money and have good fortune?
Do you live to feel safe and secure and belong?
Do you live to eat, drink and be merry?
Do you live to travel and explore and have adventures?

Do you live to challenge yourself and always do more?
Do you live to become fearless and strong?
Do you live to be healthy and happy daily?
Do you live to take good care of your loved ones?

So many reasons are available for us to choose and choose again.
Opportunities and possibilities occur daily from which to choose.
Notice if the activities you choose all support the reason for your living.
Relinquish what interferes or distracts from what you are living for?

This simple process will begin to focus your energies to accomplish why you are living.
The willingness to focus on your lifetime intention will easily create it being so for you.
When you discover the reason for your living without judgment of others, you will succeed.
Life will naturally focus on what has heart and meaning for you in all you are and all you do.

Be honest about how you spend your time and energy.
Be real with how you feel about you and your life.
Be authentic in how you express and choose each day.
Be open and willing to change what does not meet your ideal.

Life can be fully satisfying when we know we are serving our own higher purpose.
Life can be a joy in itself when we are revealing what is healing for us.
Life is happy when we are rewarded richly with what we live for everyday.
Be willing to choose what it is you are here to be and do.

Appreciate your choices.
Give voice to what is true.
Honor yourself for staying focused.
Reward yourself with what pleases you.

I so value the life I have chosen.
I feel glad for the rich rewards each day.
I create more of what pleases me.
I live with fulfillment and joy in everyway.

Encouraging you to focus,
Betty Lue