Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spending Time Together!

I choose wisely how I spend my time, energy and relationships.
I recognize the call for Love and the gifts of Love.
I  am grateful for all encounters to inspire, heal and awaken the Gift I AM.
I give my best when I remember who I AM.

Relationship Reminders

Every interaction reminds me of what I have to give.
Every encounter can be a reminder to love.
Every association I have is either a gift of love or a call to Love.
Every relationship offers me a part of myself to heal, inspire or love.

“There is only One of us.
In your eyes it is me I see.
There is only One of us.
You are my reflection.”

As I see the words I write, I know they are for you and me.
As I listen to the thoughts I think, I know they are gifts for me and you.
As I give the time I give, I recognize it is always for us both.
As I offer what is share, I know I am receiving all I am giving.

To learn that every encounter is Holy is the gift of relationship.
To recognize that I AM what I see in you is a healing reminder.
To realize I am here for you is the way I remember the Love I AM.
To represent Love in all things is the gift I give to myself.

Let us stay awake to the beauty in each moment.
Let us be aware of the Goodness in each relationship.
Let us acknowledge the Gratitude we have for one another.
Let us Accept the Healing Reminder of our Compassion for each One.

It takes so little to give everything we have and are.
All we need do is respect the Gift of Goodness within.
All we need to see is Truth in which we are created to be.
All we need to give is our willingness to Love no matter what.

We want to receive the best, so why not give the Best?
We want to learn the truth, so why not share the Truth?
We want to heal ourselves, so why not share our Wisdom?
We want to be loved, so why not give only our Love?

It seems the most natural and simple to give what we want to receive.
It seems the most right and honorable to share what is our highest and Best Self.
It seems the most fun, safe and easy to be kind and caring and share the Good.
It seems we would me the happiest and healthiest if we would love one another.

I inspire myself daily by sharing inspiration.
I love myself daily by sharing only love.
I heal myself daily by sharing what is healing.
I honor myself daily by honoring you and everyone.

Sounds good to me, so let’s get together and practice!!

Loving you and all of us,
Betty Lue.

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