Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I begin and end my day with gratitude.
I choose an attitude of gratitude and find joy.
I am grateful for myself and my life.
I appreciate my relationships and all I am learning.

Gratitude Heals!

When we are grateful, we remember the wholeness.
When we are grateful, we create even more Good.
When we are grateful, we open our heart and mind.
When we are grateful, we feel and express happiness.

Life is meant to be appreciated and enjoyed.
Relationships are for the purpose of healing.
Everything is an excuse to be in relationship.
When we recognize the healing in our relationships, we are grateful.

It takes consciousness to realize that when we are healed, we are not healed alone.
When we are bumped, nudged and upset, we have become aware of something to heal.
Upsets are revealing the need for healing.
When we take responsibility for healing, we are grateful for the call to heal.

Taking time to heal is our responsibility.
We need not feel angry, guilty or blaming when we are upset.
We need only take responsibility for revealing what needs to be healed in us.
When we acknowledge what needs to be healed, we are grateful.

Be grateful when your buttons are pushed.
Be grateful you have been awakened.
Be grateful you have revealed something to be healed.
Be grateful you can do the healing.

Our choice is to heal the wound.
Our choice is to erase the prejudice.
Our choice is to do the work.
Our choice is to be grateful.

When we do not know what is producing the anxt or pain, we must dig deeper.
When we do not understand the fear and judgment, we must look within.
When we do not get what is hurting us, we must be open and willing.
When we are open and willing, we are respectful, kind and curious.

Look within and you will see and hear and know.
Listen within and you will be guided to healing.
Trust what you recognize and respond with Love.
Free yourself to allow Love to heal all things.

Grateful Love heals.
Betty Lue