Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What’s New?

I am inspired by what is new.
I love being with new ideas, new relationships and renewed living.
Every breath renews my life energy.
I see the goodness and beauty in the newness of each moment.

What Is New?

We are ever renewing in mind, body and spirit.
We have new ideas and new technology every second.
We have renewable bodies with new cells every day.
We have Spirits that can be renewed with a thought.

How can we get so stuck when we are renewable?
It is time to wake up and shake the dust off our feet.
It is time to let go of what is out of date and unhealthy.
It is our spring cleaning to release what is no longer useful.

Who will we be when we are new again?
How will life be when we start over again?
What will the outcome be when we are free?
Letting go is fun, safe and easy and renewing.

Creating 32 holistic counseling/healing centers in five states in 40 yrs. has been renewing for me.
Beginning again in many new homes and new towns has been inspiring for me.
Moving was energizing and useful in learning to listen within for ways to serve was good.
Being willing to be new again has been helpful, useful, inspiring and energizing.

The past is not here. I only hold it in my memory if it inspires me..
Life keeps on moving, evolving, changing and transforming.
When I am holding back, I can no longer really connect or relate to others.
When I am open and willing. allowing the Good to flow through me, I am happy and free.

When there is security, we can easily let go.
When there is trust, we enjoy the release.
Where there is freedom, we open with joy.
When we experience Love, we allow what is new.

How can we fully accept the adventure of Life?
When will we learn to embrace what is new?
What can we release to be happy and free?
How can we trust in the blessings of possibility?

What is new in your life?
Can you forgive your judgments and resistance?
Are you enjoying the eventful ride of uncertainty?
Can you let go of control and simply flow with the new?

Believe, everything works together for Good.
All things are in our own best interest.
We are always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing for the right reason.
When you believe it, you will see it is so.

Loving all things new again.
Let go with freedom and Trust.
Live in Love!
Betty Lue