Saturday, February 13, 2016

Value of Vacations

I can choose exactly what I want.
I learn from everything and everyone.
I get clearer and wiser about what is right for me.
I love to step away and see what is true for me.

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Using Vacations to Change Your Life!

How can you use a vacation to transform your life?
When you step out of your usual environment what do you see and hear?
When you travel to a new place, how do you feel and respond or react?
When you decide to have fun and try something new, how does it change you?

Any new adventure can change you for the better.
You can become clearer and stronger with your choices.
You can express yourself in new ways.
You can step our with courage or retrace with anxiety.

What attract to you for good or ill is a reflection of your own thoughts and feelings.
When you find beauty and joy, friendliness and helpfulness, you are seeing yourself.
Whether you feel healthy and vibrant, energize and delighted, you are feeling your real self.
Our natural thoughts, feelings and attitude reveals what is really inside.

Often the vacation will show us what we really want to be, do and have.
A new environment can give us glimpses of what is most desired.
New people and situations can tell us what makes us better and happier.
We are learning how to redefine our ideal life.

When the new situation and holiday gives us problems, we are experiencing our inner conflict.
When we find negativity, difficulty, confusion and upset, we are experiencing our inner fears.
The outer experience shows us what to clean up, wash away and clear within ourselves.
We can immediately learn to do the inner work to create a positive and happy experience.

Holidays with open schedules are guided and decided by the chooser.
The kind response to problems allows the negativity to dissipate.
The angry or anxious reaction can amplify the difficulties.
We can more easily see ourselves outside our usual situation.

On your vacation, do you want peace and quiet?
Do you want to free yourself from schedules?
Are you prepared to change plans and still enjoy it all?
Do you plan on resting, playing, celebrating or seeing the sights?

Are you ready to learn from your own ideas, responses and reactions?
Are you open to choose, let go and choose again until you are satisfied?
Do you put us with what you experience or find the best way to have a good time?
All of your decisions are learning opportunities in self-discovery and self realization?

Take the time to get acquainted with the REAL You.
Learn to watch and listen to how you respond and react.
Begin to express your REAL choices.
Choose what you REALLY want.

Loving your self-made (un-programmed or habituated) choices.
Betty Lue