Monday, January 25, 2016


I take impeccable care of my whole self, mind, body and Spirit.
I treat myself as the innocent, precious and wondrous Being I AM.
I deserve always and only the best I know.
I give positive attention to what I need to be my Best Self.

Are You Sensitive?

The more evolved you are, the more sensitive.
The more aware you are, the more sensitive.
The more innocent you are, the more sensitive.
Honor your sensitivity.

As you let go of the big rocks in your life, the smallest things get attention.
As you heal and feel good, the little irritations can seem enormous.
Like the pea in the princess’s bed, you cannot sleep what something is amiss.
When you notice something wrong for you, give it your attention to clear.

When you are haunted by a missed opportunity, attend to it immediately.
Apologize directly, telepathically or in writing for anything that didn’t feel quite right.
It is easy to acknowledge and correct all errors when you are sensitive and willing.
Know that every communication matters, so pay attention to what is not working.

Notice your thoughts, your words and your physical and emotional feelings.
They will clue you into something bothering you.
While you may blame the external person or stuff, it is really you saying it is not right for you.
As you evolve in self awareness, you will notice that you are best when  you treat yourself well.

Ingest the best and forgive and forget the rest. (This includes people, media, food and all)
We have an inbuilt sensor that tells us what is not working.
When we learn to honor what we hear and feel and know, we let it go.
We undo, erase and let go of what does no longer work for us.

When we challenge our inner sensor, we try to override, take meds and develop habits to not care.
We have a body and mind and emotions to tell us when something is not quite right.
We can develop “allergies” to what is not highest and best for us.
We are like canaries in a coal mine, giving us an alarm to let us know what is not good for us.

Become aware of fragrances, tones, foods, ideas, experiences that don't “sit” well with you.
Stop hurtful habits of judging, fearing, hating, resenting, blaming, shaming and avoiding.
Take a look at what is inviting, encouraging, hopeful, helpful, healing and inspiring to you.
Walk in the direction of what makes you healthier, stronger, happier and better than ever.

“Follow the yellow brick road” and look for “Zippity Do-Dah”wonderful days.
You can feel what is good for you and stop heading in the toxic direction.
You know what is best for you when you are willing to care enough to listen.
Be sensitive to your own highest and best interests and respect your needs.

Stop denying your feelings, intuition, sensitivity and insight.
Honor yourself in every way you know.
Live your life in service of the precious and wondrous being You Are.
Love yourself well.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue