Sunday, January 31, 2016

Keep Your Dreams Alive!

I love to dream and vision the highest and best for all.
I know all things work together for the Good of all.
I support my vision for humanity with the work I do.
I encourage everyone to believe in themselves and live their dreams.

Keep Your Dreams Alive!

No more “kill joy” thoughts.
No more bursting the “joy” bubble.
No more making kids feel silly about dreaming.
No more saying “No” to what may be possible somehow and someday.

When we hear “no”, we stop hoping.
When we tell others “You must be kidding.” we are shutting down faith and belief.
When we give up on ourselves, we demonstrate what is impossible.
Since we live in an unlimited realm, we are not even telling the Truth.

Everything is possible for those who believe.
Nothing is impossible for those who believe.
What is conceived and believed can be achieved.
With faith and hope and Love, all things are possible.

Where two or more are joined, all things are possible.
Let’s be the one who joins the other to believe.
This is what we call “miracles”.
Believers can achieve what they believe….when there is no doubt.

Do not be the doubter.
Do not destroy the hope.
Do not argue with the faith.
Do not kill the realization of the dream.

Join with children in their fantasy.
Join with the dreamer in their plans.
Join with the visionary in their desire.
Join with the peacemaker in working for peace.

When you are willing to believe, your whole life will change.
When you set aside the worldly limitations, you will see infinite possibilities.
When you undo the “limits” of past science and “facts” of history, you begin to see change.
All things change when we relinquish are fixed opinions and fears of the unknown.

Give life a chance to unfold miraculously.
Give science a change to see things differently.
Give people a change to awaken to loving goodness.
Give yourself a chance to be Who You Really Are.

Loving the mystery of constant change and evolution for those who believe!!
Betty Lue

Make a list of your dreams and see what comes first for you.
Share only with those who believe in you.
You deserve to be happy and hopeful.
Give yourself the Love you deserve.
I always add  "This or something better.”