Thursday, December 17, 2015

Happy Holidays!

I am willing to be happy and whole today and everyday.
I recognize the holiness in others as I see holiness in myself.
I relinquish my need to see what is not whole and choose what is.
I nurture and nourish my wholeness and holiness.

Happy Holidays!

Did you know that Holidays actually means “Holy Days”?
Did you know that when we when we remember to be happy, we are giving gifts?
Did you know that to know “Holiness” there will be an experience of “Wholeness”?
Did you know that we are here to experience happiness, wholeness and Holiness?

Everyday can be whole and happy.
Every season is a reminder to bring happiness, wholeness and holiness.
Every relationships offers opportunities for being happy, whole and holy.
We are here to be happy, whole and holy.

So how is it we can achieve, experience, create and know these qualities?
We can seek to turn our sight to what is happy, whole and holy.
We can choose to listen to what is happy, whole and holy.
We can associate with those who are happy, whole and holy.

Yes, we can choose what is the best for us and for others.
We can use our time, money and energy on what is happy and whole.
We can imagine a life which is filled with abundance of happiness and wholeness.
We can forgive and erase and delete everything that is not happy, whole and holy.

Can you imagine what your life will be when you feel happy everyday?
Can you envision how you will feel and think when you are happy and whole?
Can you see yourself living in a way that emanates your wholeness and holiness?
Choose today to practice with your thoughts, words and activities.

You are reminded this time of year to seek for the Light.
You are offered opportunities to choose Love above all things.
You are encouraged to give your very best in kind and loving ways.
You are invited to give what is hopeful, generous as expressions of your inner Love and inherent Love.

We can forgive the past.
We can reach out with love.
We can enjoy the blessings of everyday giving.
We can pause and receive the beauty all around us.

Life is filled with gifts.
Not the commercial manufactured gifts….
We can look and see the gift of giving.
We can find the gifts of sharing.
We can know the gifts of creating.
We can feel the gifts of appreciating.
We can enjoy the gifts of openhearted receiving.
We can nurture the gifts of loving one another.
We can value the gifts of living right here and right now.

Time to be happy and whole and holy with the Love We Are Here to Be!
Loving everyone, 
Betty Lue