Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Are You Listening?

I hear my emotions and I listen to what I need.
I feel my worldly confusion and I hear what is crystal clear.
I am aware of my inner conflicts and I affirm my spirit’s voice.
I can hear the complaints and worries and I follow the path of peace.

Are You Listening?

Are you listening to your Self?
Are you listening to others?
Are you listening in the silence?
Do you listen under the surface words?

There is more than you can hear.
There is more than you can see.
There is more than you can feel.
There is more in life to be.

Are you taking the time to hear what is under the words?
Are you willing to see into the unexpressed?
Are you open to really “get” what is within?
Are you willing to hear the cry for help or need to be heard?

Can you hear the need and respond with love?
Are you open to feeling how important it is listen?
Do you hear the baby’s cry and know what is wants?
Can you see in the eyes of another their need to be loved?

Start by listening to yourself.
You have unmet needs.
You have places calling for healing.
You have pain and sorry, fear and uncertainty.

Who is listening to you?
You are here to respond with Love to yourself.
You are the One who must care for You.
You are the closest and most important person in your life.

When you can hear, feel and see yourself with full attention, you can fully listen to others.
Only when you can honor who you are and tend to your own needs can you fully care for another.
When we learn to listen to and love ourselves, we are able to listen to and love others with sensitivity.
As long as we seek and expect others to provide what we need, we will be disappointed and dissatisfied.

Each one and every one can only give what we have.
Where we are missing something or neglecting ourselves, we will miss or neglect others.
Our own forgetfulness or lack of consciousness will show up in other relationships and situations.
We must begin to see, hear and feel our own inner voice.

Take time to listen within.
Listen in the silence.
Listen to feel the body, mind and spirit.
Listen and respond with loving kindness.

Listening beneath all the words and stories and fear,
And Loving what is real.
Betty Lue