Sunday, November 22, 2015


I forgive everyone for complaining  and return to appreciating.
I begin and end each day with giving thanks.
I reach out with love and love returns to me.
I value the world I see and it grows with my gratitude.

Be Grateful!

When you give thanks, you expand your awareness.
When you appreciate, you increase the blessings received.
When you love, you show freedom and trust.
When you bless, you give goodness and compassion.

We all need to reinstate a world of thanksgiving.
Remember when we learned to say “please and thank you”.
Remember when we felt safe in giving smiles and hugs.
Remember when we wrote “thank you” notes for every gift.

Being thankful needs to return to encourage “Love in the World.”
Let us talk about our good news.
Let us watch and listen to what is good, beautiful and holy.
Let us share and care about one another everyday.

Every thought, word and deed teaches all the universe.
We each are teachers one to another.
We must pay attention to what we are teaching.
We can easily be teachers of love, innocence and peace.

I am grateful for the birds that sing and the clouds drifting by.
I am grateful for neighbors, friends and family helping one another.
I am grateful for positive music and affirming words.
I am grateful as children play with curiosity, freedom and joy.
I am grateful for a warm house and good food and happy conversation.
I am grateful that we still read good books and sing meaningful songs.
I am grateful for technology to be used to share thoughtful messages.
I am grateful for people and organizations that help one another.
I am grateful we still sing familiar hymns and remember our prayers.
I am grateful to be able and willing to share what I have with others.

You matter to me.
You and I can make a difference.
It is our connection that reminds us to be grateful.
It is our remembering the love in our hearts that saves us all.

Let us use these challenging time to appreciate and grow what we have within us.
Let us remember to appreciate openly and obviously all the good in our world.
It is love and appreciation and open-mindedness than connects us with Good within.
We are the ones to remember Love and return to Wholeness once again.

I am always loving you,
Betty Lue

“The only mistake we every make, is when we forget to Love!” 

The Gift You Are

You are the gift.
In your healing, I am healed.
In your smiling, I find joy.
In your learning, I am filled with wisdom.
In your free expressions, I am empowered.
In your abundance, I too prosper.
In your spontaneity, I am set free.
In your joy, I know heaven.

And so it is that you give your Self to me
And I receive you with love and gratitude.
I am the gift I give to You
And I fully receive the gift I freely give.

As I know You, I know my Self.
As I give to you, I receive all good.
As I support you, I am supported by the Universe.
As I honor and respect you, I experience gratitude in all my being.
As I love you, I am loving all of God's creation.

I know you and believe in you.
I honor, respect and support you in being.
In you and me is all the Universe.
We are gifts to one another.

       - Betty Lue