Friday, October 02, 2015

What Really Matters?

If you want to do something important for those who had losses in the Valley fire, See Below!!
There are many more places and ways to give, but this is the One we have selected, since they have received no help for these kids to learn!!
Thanks for caring!
Betty Lue

I live true to myself.
I honor what I know to be highest and best for me.
I live with integrity all that I value.
I am fully responsible for the choices I make with wisdom and conscience.

What Matters to You?

What is important to you?
What is top priority?
What do you value the most in your life?
When we know what is important to us, we will align our life choices to support out values.

When people forget or neglect what they say they value, their lives are our of alignment.
When no in alignment, there is no focus, north star, sense of direction or purpose.
When off balance or not living our “true” values, we do not feel balanced or content.
There may be self doubt, lack of confidence, anxiety, vulnerability, frustration and upset.

When vigilant for what is important to us, we stay connected and attuned to our own truth.
When we have a principle-centered life, we are more present and purposeful with our choices.
When we are true to ourselves, because we know our values and goals and priorities, we are content.
We feel confident, secure, trusting, strong, and generally at peace and able to handle difficulties.

Life is a powerful teacher.
What  we learn from life is how to manage ourselves and our choices.
Our emotions show us where we have been forgetful or neglectful of our path and purpose.
When we are calm and capable of handling whatever comes our way, we are on the right track.

When irritated or upset, stop and ask yourself, “What really matters right now?”
When we are hurt and frightened, we can ask. “What is important to me right now?”
When we are lost and confused, we need to ask. “What is valuable to me right now?”
There is a place in use that can respond with integrity when we are willing to sincerely ask.

When we find our inner sanctum, quiet place within, we know we have our own guidance system.
When we are willing to let go of outer distraction and conflicted thinking, we have inner knowing.
When we stop the insanity of limiting beliefs and fear-based reactions, we have our own “truth”.
Some call this conscience or inner guidance or the Voice Within or Higher Self.

We can undo dysfunctional habits of reactive thinking and choose a higher way.
We can forgive our easy distractions and reliance on historical preferences and choose wisely.
We can release what is questionable advice from those who do not know and choose for ourselves.
We can seek our own truths, principles and values to live by daily in all circumstances.

Life has innumerable answers to every question.
People have their own advice about every problem.
Books give us a myriad of paths  and solutions to follow.
We find peace when we live in alignment with our own highest truths.

Make your own conscious list of principles to hold yourself accountable.
Be clear with yourself about the guidelines you choose to follow.
Give yourself time to review and edit periodically.
Evaluate daily activities and choices to ensure you are supporting your principles, values and guidelines.

Life is a reflection of what matters to us.
Loving us all for choosing with conscientious conscience!
Betty Lue

For the Benefit of Loconoma Alternative High School

This is the only school that was destroyed by the Valley Fire.This school serves 25 students.
They are now housed in a mobile unit at Middletown High School, but they have nothing except 25 metal desks.
All of their supplies and materials were consumed in the fire. Both teachers and students are in need. 
One of their teachers and five students lost their homes and everything in the fire.
We are committed to meeting their needs to serve these students and teachers. 
(Note: We will use donated money to purchase items.
 If you have an item to donate, contact Robert: or 925-324-6030 to make sure we haven’t already purchased it.)

Supplies Needed:
Paper clips
Paint & paint brushes                
Art paper
Construction paper                    
Printer/Copy paper
College rule notebooks               
Pens & pencils                           
Color markers

Furnishings Needed:
Small refrigerator (for lunches and snacks)


Bean Bag Chairs / comfortable furniture

Art (pictures, posters, banners, etc.) for walls

Small space heater 

Tax-deductible 501(c)3 donations can be sent to:

Payable to:     Reunion Loconoma Donations
Mail to:          Reunion ReSource Center
                        P.O. Box #302,
                        Middletown, CA 95461