Wednesday, October 28, 2015


From a longtime reader of Loving Reminders
The Loving Reminders I receive have not only helped me with the love and spiritual support
I've needed, but as an added bonus, by doing the work and following the very practical
guidelines and suggestions within these Loving Reminders, my need has always been met.
Its wonderful to have immediate help available for everyone - families, couples and people of all ages!
With Deep Appreciation and Gratitude,
Mary Lynn Peters

I give the best I have and all is given unto me.
I learn from what I receive how to give better.
I am the real gift as I give the Love I am.
Life is for giving and I Am the Gift!

Tis a Gift to be Given.
Tis a Gift to be Giving.
Tis a Gift to be Receiving.
Tis a Gift to simply Be!

Everything is Gift!

When we come from Gratitude, everything is Gift!
Whether giving or receiving, everything is a gift.
Whether we judge good or bad, everything can be useful.
Whether right or wrong, all we give and receive can be helpful.

We learn to judge to discern and discriminate.
We value judging as a way to tell what is good for us.
We throw away what we can no longer use.
We hang on and save what we judge to be useful and helpful.

As we exercise our own discernment, we strengthen our beliefs.
As we use our judging mind, we see what we treasure and what we discard.
We are learning with all the gifts of life to be at choice.
We are deciding what we want to be and have and do.

Yes, every relationship provides information and education.
Every encounter offers opportunities to stay and speak or not.
Every word we offer can be used as lessons to be learned.
Every interaction is a way of projecting or defending.

We each and all are giving and receiving.
In silence or with words we have gifts we can receive.
With kindness or unkindness we learn how and what we receive.
There are many facets of learning with everything given and received.

Some throw away what is unwanted and unkind.
Some learn from what they receive what is good for them.
Some learn how to transform unkindness into healing.
Some earn an opportunity to give themselves the experience.

Many make up their mind about good and bad gifts.
Some are curious and want to look inside and learn more.
Some immediately defend, reject and avoid what seems noxious.
A few are curious about what is being asked to be given in return.

It is a gift to keep it simple.
It is a gift to give only what we want to receive.
It is a gift to learn from both giving and receiving.
It is a gift to give consciously.

Thanks for giving always and only the best you have.
Thanks for remembering to always love you first.
Thanks for returning to the sender what is helpful and good for them.
Loving you and me in giving and receiving,
Betty Lue

The Gift You Are

You are the gift.
In your healing, I am healed.
In your smiling, I find joy.
In your learning, I am filled with wisdom.
In your free expressions, I am empowered.
In your abundance, I too prosper.
In your spontaneity, I am set free.
In your joy, I know heaven.

And so it is that you give your Self to me
And I receive you with love and gratitude.
I am the gift I give to You
And I fully receive the gift I freely give.

As I know You, I know my Self.
As I give to you, I receive all good.
As I support you, I am supported by the Universe.
As I honor and respect you, I experience gratitude in all my being.
As I love you, I am loving all of God's creation.

I know you and believe in you.
I honor, respect and support you in being.
In you and me is all the Universe.
We are gifts to one another.

       - Betty Lue