Monday, September 14, 2015

What Is Important?

I am Love here to share the Love I AM.
I forgive any selfishness or petty complaints or worries.
I release worries and concerns and trust in the greater Good.
I allow myself to be open and willing to serve as I am called.

September 14, 2015 Loving Reminders- What Is Important?

What Is Important to You?

When you experience loss, it is beneficial to revisit what is truly important.
People first and then property and things.
Love first and then how to rebuild a new life.
Gratitude first and then how to help others.

When we are not grateful everyday, we may forget and neglect what we really value.
When we are unaware and sleep walking through life, we may take life for granted.
The wakeup call may be subtle or strong, but we all need to wakeup and appreciate.
Life is a gift for each one of us, no matter our circumstances.

Let us be glad.
Let us give thanks.
Let us be helpful.
Let us be kind to ourselves and one another.

Let’s wake up together.
Let us laugh and love and live.
We are here to value who we are.
We are here to enjoy what we have.

Awaken to love unconditionally.
Awaken to serve from the heart.
Awaken to remember God and Goodness.
Happy to be alive and grateful for Love!

Betty Lue

Wild fires in Lake County California
6:30AM Sunday September 13, 2015
In our Brentwood Home. Left our Lake House on Thursday evening.

Love, only and always Love!
Robert and I are safe here in Contra Costa County.
We are with those in Lake County who are caught in this Valley Fire.
We care and we will help us all join together in forgiveness  and love.
The Spirit of Good within each one of us will prevail.
Email us if you wish to connect to let us know you are safe.
We are loving you!
Betty Lue

Dear Lake County Friends,
This is time for profound prayer.
May we Love One Another.
May we remember to be grateful for the life we have.
May we help everyone we can with what we have.
May we join together and recreate the Good we want.

We have only heard the wildfires in Lake County have burned Middletown and so much more.
We are focusing on the peaceful evacuation of people and pets.
We are sending our love and assurance to everyone who is lost, confused and grieving.
We are breathing in the life of Spirit, the energy of gratitude and so much Love.
We are with one and all in these times when the fire is threatening lives and property.

Whatever your faith, NOW is the time to strengthen our trust in Good and our courage to Live.
Goodness will prevail, even in these dark times.
Bring your own Love into action.
Help everyone with your good thoughts, your good words and your good deeds.

Thank you for remembering to Love,
Betty Lue

September 13, 2015  10 PM in Brentwood Home.

Dear Friends and Family,

We thank you for being with us.
We thank you for sharing your love.
Robert and I are safe here in our new home in Brentwood.

We were guided to find a home here in Contra Costa County in May when on Sabbatical.
We arrived home on June 1 and found this home on June 1 and moved in on July 9.
We listen and follow our inner guidance to live a fun, safe, easy life of service to others.
Listening within is our saving grace.

What we know is that the Valley Fire came down the mountain from Cobb with 20-30 mph winds.
In minutes it consumed thousands of acres, reportedly devastated Middletown and Hidden Valley Lake.
Our prayers went out to all and invited our email prayer partners to join us for the wellbeing of all.
We began trusting that all things work together for Good.

We gave thanks for the safety of those who live in our communities.
We give thanks now for all those who were prepared to evacuate quickly due to the last two fires.
We are ready to serve when the utilities are back on and the roads are open to travel.
Our concern now is that the fires are still uncontained and many in harm’s way.

We have heard news many homes in Hidden Valley Lake are still standing and ours being one.
We are hearing that our Reunion ReSource Center and Community room may be still there.
We are truly grateful for whatever we find, knowing that our hundreds of friends there are willing to help.
We appreciate all the messages of love, faith, prayer, courage, support and goodness being shared.

With Love in us, together, there is nothing we cannot do.
Love prevails.  And so we stay firm with Love, only Love.
We trust in the Goodness in our brothers and sisters.
We know healing and rebuilding will occur by caring and sharing our forgiveness, love and gratitude.

We are stronger in our faith and deeper in our caring, knowing that Good will come from this, too.
We continue to share, help and support all Good and only Good for All.
Robert and Betty Lue

We will let you know what you can do to be helpful.
For now donations to the Red Cross and later time and energy and resources to rebuild.
We will know more when we return after the roads are open and utilities are restored.

We love YOU and Thank YOU!
Betty Lue and Robert

Monday Morning 4:30AM  September 14, 2015 Update.

Listen to Robert’s Sunday morning talk.

There is so much to let go.
There is so much to allow.
There is so much to learn.
There is so much Good to give.

Let us let go of what is not valuable.
Let us allow in the blessings we are given.
Let us learn to give gratitude for all that Is.
Let us give the Good within us and rejoice.

Love works All The Time.
Betty Lue