Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Thoughtful Creations

Affirmations: (Use your words to change your mind from negative  to positive.)
No one and nothing can bring me down.
I am unlimited in creative potential and peace.
I am free to create my own life whole and good and beautiful.
I am grateful for the power of choice.

Be Where You Are With Gratitude!

Notice where you are.
Look for what you appreciate.
What you value you increase.
Observe what is good for you.

What you attune to, you will create.
If you connect with what is wrong, it will stay.
If you connect with what is “right”, it will stay.
If you love what you have, you will enjoy it more.

Simple, but true.
What you love, loves you.
What you observe is your creation.
Where you put your attention, you experience more.

When something is not to your liking, change it or change your mind or change your viewpoint.
What you choose to look upon, gives you the perspective you have chosen.
When you choose to criticize or complain, you only increase your irritation with it.
Choose to look with appreciation and enjoyment, and watch the complaint disappear.

You look in the mirror daily or more.
Choose to find fault with everything you dislike and you will feel down.
Choose to find what you value and appreciate and you will feel better.
The more you value the good in you and your life, the more the Good will increase in your sight.

The process of bringing hope and faith and love into your life is determined by you.
You can seek hopeful and faithful thinking and images and words and hope and faith will increase.
You can choose to love everyone around you and the loving responses of them will increase.
It is by our choice that our life is enhanced no matter what our apparent condition.

Life is a product of our thoughts.
We can slip into negative thinking and be unhappy with life.
We can lift mind into thinking positive thoughts and be happy with life.
Right where we are, we are at choice and can change our mind.

Optimism can become a new habit.
Pessimism is learned.
Make it a daily practice to change your mind.
Discover how you can create a better way of thinking.

Choose to have hope and share hope with others.
Choose to have confidence and share your faith with others.
Choose to seek thoughts and words that inspire.
Your hope, faith and inspiration will change your life.

Believing in You, 
Betty Lue

Give what you can with Gratitude, wherever you are.
Every one of us has gifts to share with others.
Express you appreciate by giving freely!!