Saturday, September 19, 2015


I forgive everyone and everything, for all time, including myself.
Forgiveness is the key to happiness.
Forgiveness offers everything I want.
Being willing to give is the flow of life and love in me.

From a willing learner:
How do I forgive? Is forgiving like forgetting? If so, that does not seem right.
How can I know the things I could forgive and not be able to do it?
It has been so long since he has shared with me that when he does, I feel offended instead of elated.
How do I forgive?

To forgive is to give.
Life is for Giving.
Love is the gift.
When we stop withholding love, we experience the gift of our selves.

Over time humanity has been taught to punish themselves and each other.
Religions have taught that guilt and punishment stop mistakes and sins.
People have believed that to blame or “guilt” one another works.
Errors have increased and guilt or blame creates separation from Source, self and others.

Blame, anger and guilt do not work.
The emotional content of anger and blame causes the withholding of love, understanding and awareness.
When emotional blocks the flow of Goodness and mercy, it creates dis-ease and sickness of body and mind.
The healing is always to find inner peace.

Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love.
Forgiveness is the process of extending love no matter what.
Forgiveness is clearing the mistake or sin from our own thinking.
Forgiveness is relinquishing attack on ourself and others.

Love gives Life.
When we block the flow of love, our life is diminishes.
With limited flow of love, we become tired, sick in body and mind.
Withholding love creates feelings of separation, loneliness and fear.

When we judge, blame, criticize, wish ill or try to make others feel guilty, we feel guilty too.
Whatever we give, we receive what we give..
Wherever we judge, we feel judged.
However we hurt another, we feel hurt.

Attack begets attack.
Guilt creates more guilt.
Separation creates separation.
Wherever we block the flow of love, we feel lack of love.

The healing for all lack of love is to share what is lacking.
Where there is lack of love, give love freely.
Wherever there is lack of respect, be respectful.
When you want communication, be communicative.

To forgive is to clear the blocks of judgment, criticism, blame and fear within our selves.
Open the flow of loving kindness and share the best you have.
Parents and partners, teachers and students must learn to give their best to have the best within themselves.
With true forgiveness for erase what we hold against ourselves and others and we are free to love again.

Forgiveness clears the blocks and sees the Light and learns the lesson and feels the flow of love.
Forgiveness gives us life and renews our Spirit.
Forgiveness brings peace and understanding.
Forgiveness heals all things.

Love is the answer.
Betty Lue

There Is No Medicine

There is not a medicine, herb, ointment or potion that can compare to the power of love and forgiveness for healing the body, emotions, mind and soul. 

Love and forgiveness must be present before true healing can occur.  By consciously choosing love and forgiveness,  we can free ourselves of the blockages commonly known as pain and dis-ease. 

Forgiveness opens the door for love to enter.  When you choose to forgive yourself, you naturally let go of guilt.  You are then free to love yourself and life more fully.  When you find it in your heart to forgive another person, you will naturally let go of resentment and anger.  You are then free to love that person more fully, and will experience greater harmony in all of your relationships. 

This is the basic formula necessary for healing ourselves on an individual level and for healing our world on a global level.                                          
                                   Neil S. Cohen