Friday, August 21, 2015

Share Your Love!

Love is unlimited in power and in peace.
I forgive all limitations to my love.
I free myself to love for the joy of loving.
The more I love myself and others, the more others love me and  love themselves.

Share Your Love!

When you want to open up your life, share your love.
When you want to feel happy again, share your love.
When you want to feel confident and strong, share your love.
When you want to be more creative and free, share your love.

Learn to give your love to someone special.
Learn to share your love with your children and family.
Learn to give your love to those who need loving reminders.
Learn to share you love with plants, animals, home and environment.

Love Someone or Something as much or more than yourSelf.
When you freely extend love to another, you expand your capacity to love yourself.
When you love yourself more, disease, disappointment, despair and depression disappear.
When you share the love in you with another, you find even more love is available.

Having a special pet, plant or person to pamper and appreciate opens you to have more love within.
When you feel the love flowing from you, you allow the unlimited flow of love to heal and help you.
When you feel more whole and complete, you know you are loveable and capable and valuable.
When you feel only the best about yourself, you expand your capacity to know the best in others.

Loving begets loving.
Step away from hating and negating.
Undo the habit of seeking what is wrong or broken.
Clear up the need to fix or change or rearrange.

It is time to love and adore, admire and appreciate.
Celebrate the value of loving with all the energy in your being.
Not just words, but deeds.
Not just behavior, but the loving thoughts you hold will heal yourself and others.

Love is the energy of giving only good.
Loving is celebrating the magic of positive connection.
Love is the way we share ourselves fully and freely.
Love is unlimited and creative for the Goodness and Wholeness of everyone.

When someone is depressed, lazy or stuck, finding someone or something to love will set them free.
When stuck in only thinking of ourselves, we cannot see beyond the limits of our own little self.
With a sense of separation, we cannot know and experience the miracles of extending our love.
With the heart connection that comes from love, we know and feel a greater sense of Self.

Become more than you thought you were by sharing your love with another.
The more you can love, the greater the power of your Love.
The more you share the Love, the more you feel connected to others.
The more connected you feel in loving everyone, the more unlimited in power and peace you experience.

Share your Love and know the Power of Love
Betty Lue