Sunday, August 02, 2015


I appreciate myself and my life.
I am grateful for all I have and all I give.
I receive more as I value what I have.
I feel love and happiness and peace of mind everyday.

Do You Appreciate?

Do you appreciate the Love you have?
Do you value the Love in you?
Do you appreciate Who You Are?
Do you value the gifts you give?

Some need to learn to value themselves.
Some need to learn to value others.
Some need to open to receive more.
Some need to open to give more.

IN the flow of life, we must appreciate all we are given.
Love and Joy are our natural state.
We were born to be happy.
We were born to love.

When we are happy and loving, we are at peace.
When we are loving and happy with others, we prosper.
When we love and appreciate ourselves we are happy and at peace.
Our peace and prosperity flow from our natural state of love and happiness.

Loving is natural for those who are happy.
Happiness is natural for those who are loving.
Peace is natural for those who are happy and loving.
Abundance flows from appreciating all we have naturally.

While seemingly simplistic, we can easily feel the outcome.
From inner appreciation, we experience outer abundance.
From valuing what we have and who we are, we have even more.
When we fully appreciate all Good, we experience more Goodness in our lives.

Give yourself a day of complaining, judging, comparing and negating.
Notice how you feel and how your day goes.
Give yourself a day of appreciating, allowing, contributing and being positive.
Notice how you feel and how your day flows.

Even within an hour of one or the other, you will realize how appreciation works.
If you choose happiness, love, peace to focus on for an hour and your experience changes.
When we realize we can choose how we feel by our focus, we will learn to have what we want.
Life is our toy and tool, our experimental laboratory to learn we are choosing and creating.

Choosing to appreciate all life with love and happiness,
Betty Lue

Twelve Daily Steps To Optimistic Living
1. Focus on my successes rather than on my failures.
2. Notice that which I have accomplished rather than that which I’ve left undone.
3. See and acknowledge my beauty rather than focusing on my imperfections.
4. Notice and acknowledge all the times I’ve followed the optimum conditions,rather than judging myself for the times I have not.
5. Acknowledge all my wins each and every day.
6. Create and maintain an environment that nurtures me.
7.  See problems as opportunities to learn from rather than as obstacles to avoid.
8.  Tell the whole truth on a moment to moment basis in order to maintain impeccable and loving relationships.
9. Be conscious every moment to put positive thoughts into my mind rather than negative, knowing all thoughts are creative.
10.  Appreciate my feelings as a means of understanding myself, thus directing and creating my reality.
11. Continue to forgive myself and others as a means of creating a state of Grace.
12. Fill my life with joy and ecstasy by practicing daily the art and skill of verbally expressing my gratitude for all that I have.